At Claim Your Worth!® our services are designed for successful individuals like yourself –those who value your career/business aspirations – just as much as you value your need for creative self-expression and life balance.  


Our aim is to teach you how to give yourself permission to explore the BIGGER aspirations that are calling to you – aspirations that you know will provide more meaning, purpose and fulfillment to your life and work – all while strategizing on ways you can design your work/business to serve your life vs. it being your life!


All collaboration services are focused helping you to LEVEL UP in every area of your life based on what you truly value.   These services are a great fit for you if you are: 

  • Creative, self-motivated and aren’t afraid of making an investment in yourself and your future.  
  • READY to catapult to a NEW LEVEL in life and work
  • Craving a creative, collaborative strategic partner who “gets” career/business and life design – and who also has the ability to help you do the critical inner SELF work that you need to authentically succeed. 

The Claim Your Worth!® services framework is designed to: 

  • Focus on your career/business aspirations as the back-drop for you to grow both personally and professionally 
  • Leverage the success you’ve already experienced while helping you realize gifts and talents that you have yet to utilize – but secretly wish you could pursue
  • Mirror back your innate worth as an individual SELF and uncover the blocks and false beliefs that hold you back and force you to settle for less than you deserve in all aspects of your life (financial, relationships, work, etc.)

If you’re ready to make a significant change in how you
see yourself – and the IMPACT you’re here to
make – check-out your options for support below. 


Focused Clarity

You need some focused coaching on a specific area in your life and/or work/business.  You are feeling stuck and need a BREAKTHROUGH.  You need someone to ask you the right questions to get you the clarity you need so you can start taking action to move forward on what you really want to do.



Map Out What's Next

You are ready to LEVEL UP in your business or current role and need a proven process that will prompt you to consider all the possibilities and options that exist for you – while helping you map-out your ideas, visions and dreams.  You’ll walk away with a tangible action plan and feeling ready to make significant progress.



Implement Your Dreams & Plans

You have your BIG VISION for what you yearn to do – which is to LEVEL UP and be more SEEN and HEARD in the world.  You need a coach to help you with LEVELING UP your self-image, confidence and courage – while being a strategic thought partner for your business and creative aspirations.


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