Living From the Neck Up

Photo by Ryan Moreno on Unsplash

I’ll never forget when I heard motivational speaker - Lisa Nichols describe the term “living from the neck up”.  

Lisa was speaking about her weight loss journey - and explained how she realized she was holding onto to a lot of old energy and other people’s “stuff”. 

Can you relate?

When you are empathic - you have a superpower to feel into other people’s pain.  Marry being empathic with being highly sensitive, and you have a recipe to literally take on other people’s pain.  

Have you ever noticed you attract people who love to be in your energy but you feel drained in theirs?

Now, the standard response here is to institute boundaries  - which is healthy and useful…


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Intuition vs. Intellect

This past year with the pandemic, we’ve all had to be with ourselves  - more often than many of us would like.

Being a true introvert and empath, I need time alone to recharge – so the pandemic’s requirement of socially distancing wasn’t a big deal for me.

What proved to be a big deal however was learning how distant and disconnected I have been from my body. 

Sure, I worked out each day – and went to hot yoga a few times a week…and in those intense workouts, I definitely felt connected to my body. 

But once the day started…forget it – I was off and running…

I realized that being present in the body is a muscle to be buffed in itself. 

There are so many distractions that keep all of us distanced and...

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