Your Life’s Calling

I’ve learned first-hand that what you’re skilled at isn’t always what you’re gifted at.  The two can beautifully blended together but both must be put in their proper places in order for you to discover your true purpose and to experience effortless joy in your work. 

Even though I am a certified life and career coach, I never had any formal training to teach me the “type” of coaching that I do. 

My ability to help others transform how they see themselves and as a result - feel more confident, grounded, courageous and better in their own skin – comes very natural to me – but again – it’s work that I could never be “trained” to do. 

Rather, the work that I do has come – and continues to come – from my own personal experiences and realizing that my life has been set-up perfectly for me to do my best work and be of most service.  And, the bonus is – I get to evolve, grow and heal right along in the process!   

And this is where the beauty of it all comes together for you as well. 

Imagine if every circumstance, person and event that has happened in your life has been “set-up” and scripted perfectly for you to live the life you were designed to live – and for you to do meaningful work with people? 

When you begin to view your life through this perspective, you look at your life and everyone in it very differently.  You realize that whatever happens (and doesn’t happen) is happening to evolve your soul and truly is in your highest good. 

If you know that you’re being “called” to do more purpose-filled work and live a more awakened, meaningful life, carve-out some time this week for at least 2-hours.  You can break the time-up into 30-minute increments or do the full two-hours all at once.  The important thing is – you make the time to do this. 

Then, contemplate these questions:

1.  What area of my life do I intuitively know is set-up for me to teach others with and continue to learn from at the same time?  (business success, personal growth, healing, etc.)

2.  How has my life circumstances been set-up, and scripted, perfectly for me to do this type of work and make a difference with my actual experience? 

3.  What is my next step to gaining more clarity on what it is that I’m here to “do” and contribute?  What support do I need around me to not only take action but believe that I’m “cut-out” for doing this type of work? 

Happy contemplating! 


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