When Your Mind Races - This is Why

mindset quality of life Mar 26, 2019

I heard the other that day that we humans process 125-250 words per minute when we are communicating with others - whether we’re speaking or are being spoken to.  Yet, when we think in our own minds, we form thoughts that are 1000-3000 words per minute.

Pretty incredible huh?

A couple of lessons come out of this Truth.

Number one is - when you aren’t fully present when you are communicating with another - your mind is very active.  This means that you aren’t listening to what the other is truly saying - but *thinking* about what you’re either going to say next- or making assumptions based on what they’re saying.  In either scenario, you are more in your own mind than you are in the present moment.

Same is true for the second Truth which is - if your mind forms thoughts that quick - and what you think about you bring about in your life - can you imagine how many of those thoughts are negative in nature?  

Having an over-active mind is the cause to all suffering - because in Truth - when you aren’t in your mind - you can then be at peace.

Many would argue with me and say - your mind is your greatest asset - but I don’t agree.  I believe our minds are incredible and have immense value - but when it comes to how you FEEL and how you operate in your life- your mind will never help you be at peace and be truly confident.

Your mind will compare and contrast everything - and seek out proof to confirm the belief systems that got formed from long ago.  Some of these beliefs serve you but many of them don’t.  

So, what are you to do when you crave more peace and confidence to live life in line with what you value - vs. what you fear?

The first step is to become aware of what your mind is telling you - and what thoughts you are identifying with.  Then, you want to realize that your thoughts are forms - they aren’t you - and they aren’t your Truth.

You are the ONE aware of the thoughts - the one witnessing them.  Once you can make this distinction everything changes because YOU realize you have more control over what you *think* than you *think*!

This week simply become aware of how often your mind is thinking thoughts that once you become aware of, you can begin to notice and then decipher if they are the “type” of thoughts you want to be thinking.

As always, its your choice what you think about - but you may not be aware that you have this power.



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