What You Resists Persists

resistance self worth Mar 25, 2019

Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore.Dream. Discover"

Several years ago  when I was in a major transition period of reinventing my life and my work, I was feeling a need for something, I just wasn't sure what that something was. 

I had just finished up work with a coach to help me with some tactical things - and was now at a stage where I knew I needed some support and some encouragement, but in a much deeper way. 

One day while listening to a radio show, I heard a woman who was being interviewed about her personal history and background, and her coaching philosophy. I immediately felt a connection with this woman because it seemed she really understood what it looks like to resist change and how we all can self-sabotage to prevent growth. 

I was extremely intrigued and wrote down her name and email address that was provided on the show. 

Then, I forgot about it. Or so I thought.

As the weeks and months passed, each time I went out for a run, this woman would pop into my mind and I'd hear my inner voice say: "You need to call her. You need to reach out to her. Email her today." 

And each time, I would agree with my inner voice  and commit to sending the email that day, but I didn't. I'd continue to "forget" about it.

In looking back, I can see that forgetting about it - and procrastinating on making contact, was truly resistance in action. I was allowing my subconscious mind (the part of me who is terrified of change), to drive the bus vs. allowing my inner wisdom to take over and guide me.

My inner wisdom was speaking loud and clear to me (Call Her!) - especially in my quiet, grounding moments like being out on a run  but my head didnt want to listen. 

I was afraid of change and subconsciously I knew that she would give me that - and it scared me. It scared me so much that three months went by before I emailed the woman whom would be one of the most fundamental mentors in my life. 

And if avoiding contacting her for 3 months wasnt bad enough, when I finally reached out and said Yes - lets move forward!, I continued to resist. 

Evidence of this included an email I sent her a couple weeks prior to our official start that simply said: Change Of Heart  where I explained that I just wasnt ready and that  I had too much on my plate.

Thank goodness this woman had the integrity and guts to ask me if this was a pattern that kept showing up in my life  where I would resist what I needed the most  and if I was truly ready to explore it vs. consistently running away from it. 

I share this story with you because I wanted you to see what resistance looks like in action. And how I, myself went through it big-time - especially when I was ready to make a huge leap in life and work.

Consider something that youve been putting off and procrastinating on for a while now.

This must be something that keeps coming back to you and wont leave you alone. It must be something that is fundamentally important to you  and something that you know deep down, will bring you forward and will allow you to up-level. 

Yet, its also an area of growth that subconsciously scares you because it requires you to take a leap, a risk into the unknown. 

Now that you know what resistance looks like  and the area that youve been resisting and procrastinating, its time to make a move and take some action that will propel you forward. 

This starts with a decision to take action that will bring you closer in this area whether in the form of a meeting, a phone call or an email. Make the decision to move forward  regardless of how scared you are. Trust what & who your intuition and inner wisdom is guiding you towards.

Then, acknowledge your head when it tells you that  you cant afford it, you dont have the time, you need to wait, etc. - and move forward and do it anyways! 

Take this as your sign from the Universe that you now see what resistance looks like and that if you continue to run away, no progress will be made. Make the move in the direction of Faith and you'll witness miracles unfold in your life time and time again. 

As always, it's your choice.


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