What Is Life Mirroring Back To You?

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One of the most common, and biggest untruths that I see in coaching work with clients is when someone believes their power is outside of them.  This belief shows up in a variety of ways depending on where you are in your life stage.

Take work for example. 

If you work for someone else, you no doubt have felt, at one point or another, that your employer/your boss has power over your well-being.  Your fear may be that if you mess up or disappoint them, you'd be fired and your own sense of safety and security would be threatened.

Or say you work for yourself. 

You may feel this belief even stronger - where you don't have the consistent income (a.k.a Source) of an employer plopping money into your account every other week.   You may feel a heavy burden of trying to figure-out where the money will come from each month which causes you to feel anxiety, stress and an overwhelming responsibility to "figure it out".

The belief that your power lies outside of you shows up everywhere - in relationships, in life, and in work.  Being aware that this false belief exists is the KEY to feel more confident, courageous, and worthy.

It's my belief that our circumstances - each and every one of them - is a beautiful opportunity to "SEE", as if looking into a mirror, where the growth opportunities are.

If you feel, or have ever felt, helpless and powerless and as if the circumstances of your life feel out of your control, the first place to begin is looking at your life exactly the way it is right now.   Viewing every circumstance and person as a mirror that is there to serve you and teach you.

Looking into the mirror of your life, you can begin to see the patterns that continue to arise in ALL areas.  Think of it this way, if you can't "SEE" them, you can't be aware of them and you can't change them. 

Mirrors are gifts to see your reflections.  In other words, these reflections help you reflect!  

If you can see your circumstances as a mere reflection (not judgement!) of your own belief system, you can then go within and begin shifting/transforming any pattern that you want to shift.  Then,  miraculously, your outer world begins to shift and change right before your eyes.  

A real common sticking point for almost everybody when it comes to the false belief "My power is outside of me" is the area of finances. To help you see this concept that your power is within, consider these 3 Truths and know you can apply them to any area of your life:  

Truth #1 - Know Your True Supplier:  Using finances as an example, it's imperative to know where your true supply for everything resides.  We were/are taught that our supply is outside of us.  Our employer holds access to our well-being, or our ex-spouse was your supply because they made the majority of the income, and without them, you don't have access to that supply anymore.  All un-truths. The Truth is:  God/The Universe/The Divine is your supplier for everything and your relationship with your True Source is where you plug back into your true power source.

Truth #2 - Dial-Up Your Supplier: If you feel anxious and as if your current circumstances are out of your control, the first inclination is to get moving and try to fix-it right?  Wrong.  The first step should be to get quiet and dial-up your supplier (God) and have a conversation around your worries and your fears.  Problems reside in panic-mode, Solutions reside in calm-mode.  I know it's hard to be calm when you feel  your own survival is at stake, but trust me, making a call to your True Source will help you feel calm and know that all your needs for everything are met in this moment forever and ever.

Truth #3 - You Don't Own the Supply:   Tosha Silva, author of many great books including It's Not Your Money, is an incredible teacher who consistently states - it's not yours anyway.  Whatever you have and "own" is truly God's/The Universe/The Divine's - and whatever you desire or need isn't yours either.  You are simply a channel to care for the supply.  So, when it comes to shifting your circumstances, go within and take inventory of what you'd prefer.  Then, you can surrender your desires and allow what is to come, come.  Easier said than done (I know!), but when you can release the heaviness of responsibility, and believing your are in charge of your results, you relax and can be calm knowing what is meant for you will manifest and your needs will always be met. 

We'll continue to explore these Truths - and how you can live more relaxed while learning to accept and receive the abundance that is yearning to come into your life.   

For now, move away from problems and move into solutions  through learning to surrender and you'll feel calmer, more powerful and of course, worthier with this commitment!   

As always, it's your choice. 


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