What does it mean to trust yourself?

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The other day I had a very cool Human Design Chart Reading with a woman who my good friend Leslie recommended to me. 

It was fascinating to see the chart based on my birthplace & birth time - similar to an astrology chart.  

What was most interesting was when she said to me – and I’m paraphrasing:  “You have a set way of being – that is imprinted from the inside – vs. imprinted from the outside.  Your chart shows that you have strong knowing, instincts and intuition – and that when you are in flow with these, you are in your power.”

She went on to say:  “Your chart also has very open areas – which shows that you can be open to other people, empathize with them and understand their viewpoints.  But, you can also be open to other people’s opinions and what they think you should do vs. what you truly know in your heart.” 

Ummmm – this Human Design thing is powerful! 

It felt right and spot-on.  

What I loved about the experience was – the chart didn’t tell me anything I don’t already KNOW on the inside.    

This got me *thinking*  about intelligence….and what intelligence really is…

The dictionary has many definitions for intelligence but the one that stood out to me is: manifestation for high mental capacity. 

This definition validates what I (and most of us) were taught growing up– intelligence is about your mind – and those who are “smart” – and have all the degrees, letters after their name and the right training and education -– know better than you – and know more than you. 

This can be very true – on an external level. 

Those who are naturally intelligent – or even those who have to work hard at being intelligent – are smart  - know so much about  things that can be so valuable to humanity.  Look at nurses, doctors and other front-line workers for example. 

But if I were to bet, those who are phenomenal at what they “do” and are classified as intelligent beyond words – also work off their gut instincts and intuition more than even they may realize.   

The Truth is, we were all taught not to trust ourselves from an early age. 

The guidance of our parents, teachers and authority figures was needed when it came to not putting your hand on a hot stove or walking into traffic. 

But what about now?  You know not to step into traffic - and hopefully aren't putting your hands on hot stoves - so how are you tapping into your inner intelligence - especially when it comes to pursuits in your life, career and relationships?

You may know intuitively what you want in these areas – but the mental chatter and rationale that your mind creates, ends up talking you out of any pursuits that were sparked from the inside. 

Or even worse, your mind convinces you to follow what others think you should do – or makes you worry about what others will think - and then you end up not doing anything at all!

Don’t blame your mind – it’s doing its job – protecting you and keeping you safe, but stuck.  

We all have intuition, gut feelings and instincts – it’s trusting yourself to follow them that can feel like the hard part.  

So, how do you learn trust yourself and your own inner intelligence and knowing?  

Let’s start what it looks like to NOT trust yourself: 

Say you meet someone new – and in the first 30-seconds you KNOW that they don’t vibe with you.  Nothing wrong with them and no judgement – you just get a strong vibe that they aren’t for you. 

You lose trust in yourself the minute your mind chimes in and says –“…it’s not nice to judge others.  You should give them a chance…” 

Your intuition and gut instincts all know what is true – but your mind – that is influenced by externals - will convince you that you and your knowing are wrong.

So, how do you begin to trust yourself again? 

Start small - with everyday things like when someone asks you if you want to do something – don’t think - just immediately feel into what you really want to do.  Then have the courage to say no if you don’t feel like it. 

Or, when it comes to what you want to eat – rather than go for the first available, ask yourself – what do I feel like eating?  Then, trust yourself in having what you really want – even if it’s a piece of cake or a cookie. 

And of course, when you meet someone new and get a “vibe” – trust yourself that your inner knowing is TRUTH – and you can trust yourself in following it.

It takes confidence and courage to trust yourself – and it is the best gift you can gift yourself with….your own inner knowing.

 Like with everything in life, you have the power to CHOOSE. 

Choose what you know is True – this inner intelligence will never steer you wrong - TRUST IT!




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