Wanting MORE

When you go to different levels in your own growth and evolution, new challenges with "not enough" will inevitably emerge.

I heard someone say the other day "New Level, New Devil." Very true!

Yet, our "not enoughness" at different levels need not be viewed as a "bad", but just an opportunity to get closer to your untapped potential and your life's calling/purpose.

And...like any worthwhile endeavor, you get to SEE and realize your blocks. Otherwise, they stay dormant within and hold you back. Always remember, if you can't see it, you can't transform it.

One of the biggest blocks I see with folks in their pursuit to do & BE more in their life, work and relationships, is: Believing they don't have authority. Authority over your thoughts. Authority over your self-image.

If you think about it, when we were little, we were vulnerable and like little sponges taking in all that authority figures told us was "true" about us. These projections were of course just their stuff being put on us - but nevertheless, we took it on and believed it to be TRUE for us.

Unconsciously, we all continue on with these projections floating around inwardly and they contribute to our self-image. Then, when your soul calls you to step-out and step-up in your purpose/calling, these inner "demons" get triggered and begin to remind you of all the reasons why you're not meant to do what you're being called to do.

And, to make matters worse, we were all trained to go outside of ourselves and ask others what theythink we should do - reinforcing the no authority belief each time. In order to re-claim your authority and as result, Claim Your Worth! - and move in the direction of your purpose, you must start with realizing that You Have Authority. To help you understand this further and dive-in deeper, check-out the Worthy Work below.

Consider one of these definitions for Authority: a power or right delegated or given; authorization. 

Authority equals power but not power in the sense that you're responsible for your results - but power in the sense that you have a plan that is laid-out for your life and the blueprint exists within your heart.

Yet, starting out, most of us were trained and taught that we were less than others who were in authority. However, the Truth is: we are all equal - no matter what "role" someone has been given in your life - you are equal to each other.

So, as you move forward in honoring what your heart/soul is calling you to do next to align you with your life's calling, it's absolutely imperative to realize that you've already been granted a RIGHT to pursue what you're being called to do.

Oftentimes, when someone has been called to do more and pursue their life's calling, they wait thinking they need to be granted permission or that someone else's opinion will help validate their decision to move forward or not move forward.

Again, we're trained to believe that the outer world - especially other people - know what's best for us - but I say the only advice/insight you should rely on for support are the ones who remind you who you really are and are people who have a way of helping you elicit the Truth from within you - they essentially re-affirm what you already know inside - and that's a good thing!

Therefore, if you're feeling a bit powerless lately over your circumstances and frustrated by not knowing what to do next or how-to realize your potential...then I recommend starting with knowing that you have authority to make decisions based on what your heart is calling you to do.

You need not wait for someone else to deem you with authority or permission. Your soul has already given you this permission to move into the plan that has been designed for you. You have the authority to choose if you'll walk that way or not. Choose wisely.




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