Stuck In Your Story

mindset personal power Jan 07, 2019

I was speaking with someone recently who asked me “So when you experienced that hurt at an early-age, who did you tell about it?”  “Nobody” I answered.

What this individual helped me realize is - “Nobody” quickly became my companion in life -that voice in my head who kept me company and helped me create stories about why I *think* things happened and what they meant vs. simply just letting what happened, BE. 

I’ve continued to keep Nobody around for most of my life...relying on my mind-made stories to help me decipher events or circumstances and create meaning out of them.   And...when I didn’t have a direct answer, that meaning I made up usually was a negative conclusion vs. a positive one.  This conclusion would then reinforce the limiting story and stories I told myself about why I couldn't have or experience what I truly wanted.

Only when I allowed myself to be in the NOW was I able to become aware of how I limit myself through making up stories.  By being aware, I can now witness what was/is happening vs. being in my head making up stories about WHY it’s happening, 

We all have a story - the question to ask yourself is:  Does your story limit you or liberate you?

The stories we make up usually limit us because as humans we have a compulsion (obsession really) to find meaning in everything.  We need to KNOW - and make-up a reason why something happened, why it didn't happen, or why it's about to happen.

But what if you stopped doing that?  What if, rather than being in a frantic state to KNOW, you simply allowed life to just BE - to not know?

See, I believe the reason why so many of us don’t want to BE in the present moment is because the present moment was scary - especially as a little kid.  Being present meant being vulnerable and susceptible to even more pain.  So, we found ways to escape the present in order to survive - or that is at least what we *thought* or told ourselves.

But, what if by trying to escape the present moment and go after a future that isn’t even here yet, you keep yourself stuck?

What if you keep experiencing the same things and unconsciously reinforcing the same story that you tell yourself because your mind wants to be right about why things are the way they are…?

I remember a time I was making a significant change in my life - and looking back now, I can see I was stepping out of the story I’d always known and going into the unknown.  My mind kept asking me - what if this goes wrong - or what if this doesn’t work out, etc. I would hear the loop go over and over and buy into that thought process.

But then one day, in a quiet moment in the car, totally mind-less and just BEING, I heard a quiet voice within ask:  What if it does work out?  I was so shocked at how audible that voice was that I looked in the backseat to see if I was truly alone.  From that point forward I allowed that knowing and inner guidance to give me Truth vs. always looking for the negative.

I’m learning to do this now in other areas of my life - and so can you.

Again, the question to contemplate is:  What do you tell yourself about your circumstances - and is that story limiting you or liberating you?

If it limits you, make a decision to observe those thoughts vs. buy into them.  If it liberates you, trust the steps your KNOWER encourages you take and watch what new experiences begin to unfold in your life.

As always, it’s your choice.



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