Stuck In A Past Pattern

Photo by Tamara Menzi on Unsplash

You hold the key to set yourself free from anything that is holding you back.  Now, knowing that in your head and feeling it in your heart - is another story! 

When you feel trapped in a past pattern where you want things to change but you can’t seem to figure out how to bring about those changes - this is an indication of, what I refer to as, a worth block.

A worth block is when you try to make a change in a certain area of your life and you feel an energetic block that keeps you from what you truly want. This block is something that you can’t put your finger on.  It’s unconscious and it’s frustrating to not know what the block exactly is or why it's keeping you stuck.  

To help shed some light on this, consider an area of your life that you care deeply about making some headway or changes in - but you feel powerless and stuck to make progress and don't know why.  

Now, ask yourself: Who modeled to me early-on in my childhood an example of experiencing extreme joy, freedom and happiness in this area? 

Can you think of anyone?  If you can't you're not alone.  

Ask yourself:  Did any of my role models growing up show me exactly what success looked like in this area?

Or when you look back do you see now that authority figures closest to you struggled with very similar patterns?

As children, especially intuitive, sensitive and empathetic children, - we learn to model and mirror our parental/authority figures.  And, most of us, often make a conscious decision to be different than our parental figures in certain ways – which is a healthy way of each generation evolving.

Yet, what you probably don’t realize is: the modeling and the mirroring you did with your parents and/or authority figures as a kid doesn’t leave you.

What you witnessed and experienced as far as what is possible for you (and for them) lives within you as energy to this become aware of it and can shift the pattern. 

This energy is what you feel when you feel powerless and trapped. It convinces you (without your conscious knowledge) that you must continue to mirror and model what you saw your parental figures do and BE.

Again, a worth block.   

At the same time however, you most likely have created a very different life than what you parents experienced – out of conscious choice.

But, when it comes to the areas that are the nearest and dearest to your heart – the areas that probably scare you and fill you with excitement and joy at the same time – how expansive and truly self expressed have you become?

If you know you’re trapped under some past patterns and programming – then give yourself the GIFT of awareness and become very familiar with this energy that lives within you.  Rather than instinctively try to get rid of it – embrace it, love it, appreciate it, and learn from it.

You do this by asking yourself these key insightful questions:  

  • How you can I give myself permission to be set FREE and expand beyond my parental/authority figures in this area that I deeply want to change?
  • What role models can I bring into my life who can show me how they've experienced similar challenges early-on in this area but are now thriving?
  • What beliefs have I inherited that I am ready to let go of?  And what values can I introduce into my life that are important to me - and may not of been shown to me early-on?  

The choice is yours to wield this energy in the direction you wish it to go. Once you become aware of the worth block, nothing and no one can hold you back.  

You hold the key to unlock the cage – and I'll tell you a secret....there is no cage.


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