Self Worth vs. Self Esteem

self worth Apr 14, 2019

Do you ever wonder what the difference is between your self-esteem and your self-worth? 

The two are very closely aligned  like brother and sister are in the bloodline. 

Yet, there is also a major distinction to be made between the two - and, as a disclaimer, whatever I describe below is based on my own experience and beliefs  and certainly isn't the only way in which to view the distinction.

Your self-esteem is how you feel about yourself based on your actions. It's what you have control over. Its how you feel about yourself from the inside/out. Overall, are you proud of yourself for who you are, what you stand for and what actions you take and don't take based on the values that you choose to orient your life around?

Your self-worth, has a much more spiritual bend to it (again, my opinion) because its directly related to your identity, your sense of self, your overall feeling of importance and value in this world. Overall, do you feel that you deserve to be here on the earth plane and have the right to take up space  and to be happy within that space you call your life? 

The major difference is: Self-esteem is geared towards doing vs. Self-worth is more about being. Both have a tremendous amount of value  and serve very different purposes in your life. They both also work beautifully together when married in their natural energies. 

The Truth is: most of the teachings "out there" focus on boosting your self-esteem. 

When we enter into - what many call  "the second-act of life"  we crave very different things. Goals, achievement, worthy success, etc. - are all still there as wants but the way in which that success comes to you - and how you feel about it  - is vastly different than the first-act of your life. 

Consider that you're in  - or about to enter into - a second-act of your life (this doesn't mean age - it means circumstances), You'll know you're at this point, if what you are craving is a much easier time of it.  You'd love to have things come to you  vs. always feeling like you need go out and chase them down. In other words, chasing is the road to burnt-out and being is the road to lit-up! 

As you go through your days, simply observe other people in your daily life  and begin to tune-into the energy that they are giving-off  and projecting out. 

In your observations, simply ask yourself: Are these people I'm observing grounded in true self-confidence and a solid knowing in who they are, why they're here, and where they're destined to go? Are they calm, serene, and definite about their actions and decisions? 

Or, are they more in an energy that requires them to run around franticly with a look of terror on their face  wondering what they need to be working on, what needs to be proved, what will make them feel better, safer, and more secure? Are they more focused on avoiding punishment and seeking some sort of reward? 

After you've done some observing, ask yourself:  

What energy is more in-line with me and who I want to BE in my everyday life? What energy and way of being is bound to create a life-long feeling of worthiness and success vs. one of fleeting success that never feels like enough? 

I think you'll see very clearly how an investment in knowing who you really are and how deserving you already are  goes a much longer way  than feeling like you're never enough and never will be.

And, as you invest into knowing who you really are, and come to approach life and your work from that place, you'll soon see which energy allows you stand tall and to stand-out  and which energy keeps you stuck on the treadmill like everybody else. 

Ask yourself - are you designed to be "ordinary" and "normal" and go along with the crowd on the exhausting treadmill of life - or are you ready to experience extraordinary - where you commit to discovering how worthy you already are - without having to prove or earn it?  

As always, it's your choice.  


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