Seeking Outside Validation

Uncategorized Jan 28, 2019

Seeking validation from outside sources (other people or material things) - is a clear indication of a lack of self-trust.

In other words, when you don’t trust what you know to be true about you, your circumstances, and your potential - you want to know that others know.

To validate means to make valid, substantiate, confirm.  Imagine the amount of personal power you give away by seeking outside validation.

What if you took that energy you put into seeking other people’s approval - or an accomplishment, credential or whatever - and went within and validated yourself?  Imagine the power and energy you’d gain if you stopped wanting others to recognize you and give you significance.

This is right here is the majority of my work with clients.  Yes we work on helping you gain more clarity and confidence to realize your full potential - but the reason why we do it is the KEY.

I’ve found myself seeking outer validation (wanting other people to KNOW what I hoped was true about me)- and I realized it was because I didn’t trust what I KNOW is true.  I didn’t trust the path or direction I was headed - so I wanted someone else on the outside to tell me - yes this is right - or no, it’s wrong - go this way.

Can you relate?  Do you know what it feels like to be taught to ask everyone else except yourself what you *should* do?

The intention of this is to help you see how you may be seeking outside validation and answers from sources that could never, ever know what your destiny is.  The only way to discover where you’re destined to go - and what you’re destined to do is - go within and seek the answers you already know.

As always, it’s your choice.  Will you choose you - or what someone else thinks of you?

As always, it's your choice.


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