Relying On Other People's Opinions

mindset personal power Jan 08, 2019

I’ve spent a lifetime of relying on other people’s opinions.

Whether it was hiring a career consultant (notice I said consultant, not coach) to tell me what I *should* do based on my skills and background vs. my true going to a spiritual “guru” to tell me where my life was headed based on reading an astrological chart…

Whatever it was - I’ve had a lifelong habit of believing other people had my answers - and believing they knew better than I did/do.  

But how can someone else know your Truth?  How can someone else know and tell you which direction your life should go?  Is their intuition, knowing, or spiritual connection stronger than yours?  

No it isn’t..but oftentimes you may believe someone else has your answers because this is what you were taught and programmed to believe.

Think about it - early-on, we were all programmed to find the answers from others who were smarter, more educated, or older than we were.  Yet, did anyone ever teach you to go within yourself and ask yourself the right questions  -especially when it came to important decisions like the direction of your life?

Sure, I get it.  Other people have expertise and you may not have.  Others have studied topics - and have certain gifts - that we can all benefit from and receive support with.  I’ve hired many an expert to help me with something I’m not skilled at - or have no interest in being passionate about or skilled at.

Yet, when it comes to you gaining access to your own Truth/Knowing - you don’t want someone to give you the answers or opinion on what they *think*, but rather to ask you the right questions so you come up with your own answers and get to your own Truth/Knowing.

You will find many people who will gladly take your power (and your money) and feel powerful themselves by giving you answers.  This approach however just perpetuates the lack of trust you have in yourself and your own knowing.

It takes a brave person to trust your intuition and go within to ask yourself what you feel - intuitively based on your own knowing  - vs. taking a short cut and asking another who could never give you your own Truth.  

If you’ve found yourself in situations where you repeat a similar pattern of asking others what you should do vs. going within to get to your own Truth - and TRUST yourself - consider making 2018 the year you break this habit.

As always, it’s your choice - will you choose you?


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