Pursuing Your Calling - You Have What It Takes

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You've been given the perfect life to teach what you most need to learn. The greatest teachers are given the greatest challenges. Accept that your life will never be perfect but the circumstances are perfect for you to continually evolve yourself while you continually help to evolve others. 

You know you're being called to do more and to be more in your life.  There is a nagging feeling that just won't let you go.  No matter how many times you've tried to ignore it -or settle for a regular existence - it nags at you whispering - There Is Something More...

I get it....your calling can feel like a haunting.  

Maybe you've explored what your MORE is.  Maybe you've taken a course, attended a workshop, or you've taken action on your creative passions - but something keeps holding you back from going full-out with it.

What is this holdback?  Can you put your finger on it?

Maybe it's fear.  Maybe it's feeling like a fraud.  Or maybe, it's feeling like you don't know what you truly want to do - or if you do, you believe you don't have what it takes to do it...because it's lofty and would require you to be seen and heard.  

Once again, I get it.  Your calling haunts you and plagues you with self-doubt at the same time.  

But what if your calling is just what you need to become who you were put on this planet to become?  No doubt your calling and whatever you're destined to do will serve others - but what if it's meant to serve you and your own evolution and growth as well?  

See, what you struggle with and yearn to overcome  - others do too.  

What if you could step out and step into your purpose and then eventually teach others to do the same?  

You were given the perfect life circumstances (and people!) to be an absolute expert in the areas you're passionate about - even if they leave your knees knocking with fear.  

The most important thing to realize is -to be of integrity with the work you're called to do, you first must learn and live what you're meant to teach - and that process will never end. This is what makes the work so rich, valuable and powerful - it comes from first-hand life experience  - not something that was read out of a textbook.

I write this today to let you know that when it comes to you and your own journey with moving forward - and what you feel called to "do" - know that if you've ever felt that you didn't have the credibility or the qualifications to do what you yearn to do  - or teach something that you feel called to teach - that you do have what it takes and you have everything you need from the experience of your life to do it!

When making the decision to follow your heart and your life's calling, consider these points and know that you truly do have what it takes -  it's up to you to know it, believe it and act on it!  

1.  Your life circumstances and soul-agreements:  Imagine that the script of your life is set-up perfect for you - and your past, present and future and all aligned to help evolve you and the others in your life. Consider that you've made agreements to learn certain lessons and teach certain things.   Oftentimes, you would have never consciously agreed to some of the challenges that you've faced, but looking at it from a deeper, more spiritually optimistic view, you will feel more peaceful and accepting - which is invaluable and much better than feeling bitter and as if you've caused your own pain.

2.  The teachers you choose:   Any teacher or guide on the path that makes it seem as if they have all the answers or their life is "perfect", is most likely not someone that you want guiding you. Consider that a life coach isn't someone who has it all figured out but someone whose been given similar circumstances as you and can help you navigate, overcome and transform your life vs. trying to make it perfect. Be very choosy who you hire to help you and make sure they can connect you with your inner wisdom, not theirs.

3. The journey & evolution never end:   Knowing this provides a tremendous amount of peace  - especially when you know you're being called into the work of helping others. You need content to teach from, and to evolve your own soul. Accept it and embrace this as it gives you a tremendous amount of freedom. You will make "mistakes", you will take detours, but you'll discover that they are all there for a higher purpose and you begin to see the mystery and the magic that your life truly is.

Give thought to where you're resisting moving forward on a long-lost dream, and how you may not feel qualified to do the work that your heart is calling you to do. Then, read this article again and get to work - the world needs what you have to share and teach!


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