The Power To Surrender

Photo by Slava B on Unsplash

"God always gives His/Her best to those who leave the choice with Him/Her" ~ Jim Elliot

If you're anything like me, you follow the positive psychology movement that reminds you constantly of how much power you have with what and how you think - and the decisions that you make in your life. 

This constant reminder to think positive, be positive, etc. - is powerful - but, can almost feel overwhelming knowing how much power you have at your fingertips!

This is why I love the quote above by Jim Elliot where he states that if we can hand over our choices to our Higher Power, then we'll realize that our true power (a.k.a. worth) lies in this sacred connection.  

I see these choices not only being in what you "do", but also in what you think - which inevitably leads to how you feel.

Now, I'm going to go against what many self-help teachers teach for a moment, and say: trying to BE positive all day long can feel like a chore. Life hands us things that are hard - and sometimes, it can honestly feel inauthentic to be and feel positive in those moments.

Yet, you know that your thoughts create your reality right? Yikes! then, what are you creating if you can't think positive 24/7 and sometimes you just are downright annoyed, overwhelmed and feeling crappy? Are you going to manifest absolutely terrible things?  

Ahhh, the overwhelm of having all that power! 

This is when we all must stop and realize that our true power doesn't reside in our personality and our human thoughts. Our true power resides in our ability to let go and let our Higher Power think and BE for us.

What if to have what you truly desire - you realize that it's not about your will power to think and be positive - but rather to have the strength to hand-over your negative thoughts, your overwhelmed mind, and ask your Higher Self to think and BE for you? What if this is what true power and worth is all about?

Being Who You Really Are - Your True Self - isn't done by you trying to be strong, trying to be powerful.  It is one by surrendering to the Truth that parts of you feel weak, small and totally powerless. 

Yet, most of us can fall into the trap of believing that those smaller parts are ALL of us - and that our power resides somewhere else.

The claiming comes in when you realize that your Higher Self is not separate from you - it's a part of YOU - and that power, joy, positivity, Lightness, and strength are also parts of you - Higher parts - that are your right to claim. 

Notice when you're feeling small, powerless, negative and overwhelmed. Then, rather than to buy-into the belief that you can't be positive or control your thoughts like others, simply say: I let go and ask my Higher Self to do and be for me.

Then, simply notice how your mood shifts. Notice how much calmer, Lighter, and positive you feel.

You'll soon realize that the power to choose isn't in - I've gotta be strong and be positive!

No, the power to choose is to realize that you don't have to do anything except hand those lower thoughts over and ask your Higher Self to take control. Now that's True Power and a great example of Claiming Your Worth!


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