Negative vs. Unworthy Thinking

Negative thinking is something that I believe you can identify easier than unworthy thinking.

I believe you can talk yourself out of a bad mood – it takes effort but you can do it.

Trying to talk yourself out of unworthiness? Well, that requires experience – a direct experience and shift in your soul.

Negative thinking looks and sounds like: Ugh, really? Traffic again? Why does this always happen to me when I have somewhere to be? Why do I always attract this into my life? Why can’t I catch a break?

Unworthy thinking is more unconscious.

In a moment where something on the outside triggers you, you begin to feel that same way again – this experience sparked something deep down inside you – and you begin to FEEL and then THINK those same old feelings of: "I can’t change this. This is the way its always going to be. This is who I am. This is my lot in life. I am disempowered, alone, powerless to change, hopeless."

The key distinction here is: Negative thinking is circumstantial. Unworthy thinking is historical.

Negative thinking gets triggered by the things we experience each day that are annoying but are standard for living on this planet as a human. In those moments we have a choice to change how we view the situation and there are plenty of resources out there. You can simply Google, “change my thoughts” and you’ll get the instructions.

Unworthy thinking feels more stuck, more final, more destined, unchangeable. You get triggered by something – and in that moment – historical unconscious memories crop up and remind you of who you believe you are, and how worthy or unworthy you believe you are destined to be.

Now that we’ve made the distinction, the KEY question is: how do you change your unworthy thinking?

You change unworthy thinking in a much different way than you do negative thinking. Negative thinking you change your thoughts to more positive ones. You replace negative with positive.

Unworthy thinking, you change your entire vibration to one of silence and inner peace. There are no words to replace inner peace- your True Worth. In this moment, you go for no thought, no replacement, just BEING.

You do this by noticing and witnessing the thoughts and then, going within to the silence of Truth. The silence of Truth will allow you to witness and notice what’s happening and help you see, make the clear distinction about who you really are – vs. what your thoughts think you are and are worthy of.

Deep right? Well, the unworthy thoughts go deep but they can be shifted in your soul by your soul.

Moving forward, notice the outer world triggers and ask yourself: Is this circumstantial or historical? You’ll know the answer.

If it’s circumstantial go for a more positive thought.

If it’s historical, go within and get quiet. Then, simply witness the thought…and the thought process that goes along with it. Then, ask yourself, is this really Truth or just a long-standing thought from long ago that told me a story about my worth or lack thereof?

When you get in the habit of distinguishing negative vs. unworthy thinking – and then taking action on either – you’ll be amazed at how empowered and enlighten you feel.

Give it a try. As always, you have the power of Choice.


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