Living In The Present Moment

Most of us are stuck in unconscious thought patterns that don't serve and keep us stuck in the past or the future  – and how most of us don’t value the NOW.

 We all hear this message “out there” in various forms and messages.  Be Present.  Stay in the moment.  All we have is NOW.  The present is a present. 

True, but how do you apply these concepts to your life?  How do you realize what being in the NOW actually gives to your life right now?

The whole concept of being in the NOW is to give yourself the gift (a.k.a. present) of connecting with Truth vs. listening to the voice in your head.  We all have the mind chatter that wants to keep feeding off the past – or focusing on what may (or may not) happen in the future.  

 Being in the NOW allows you to experience what it feels to not have an agenda for yourself or others – to simply BE present and absorb what’s going on vs. always having to think about what you want to have going on.  Big shift right?  

 The coolest part of all of this is – by being Present and in the NOW, you are also raising your vibration to a level that you’ll naturally attract what your True Self intends vs what your mind fears.  

Your vibration dictates your thoughts, not the other way around.  Yes, what we think about we bring about – but imagine if your thoughts were based on present awareness vs. old thought patterns that keep giving you the same experiences….what would your life look like 90 days from now if you stayed in the now and manifested from there?  In other words, you attract who you’re being, not what you’re thinking.  

If you truly want to commit to experiencing different experiences, give yourself a time frame in which you create a new habit of BEING and allowing the Peace that you feel to wash over you.  By being in this vibration, you’ll FEEL the difference.  You’ll feel into what you truly desire and you’ll naturally and effortlessly attract what is meant for you – to you!

You’ll know when you fall out of BEING – where your mind will try and take over and get you to worry, be anxious and try to predict what’s going to happen.  

 Give yourself this gift of presence and I promise, you’ll be experiencing a new energy and higher vibration.  Then, in turn, new experiences will find you and take you where you’re meant to go.  

Give it a try, what do you have to lose but your hamster-wheel mind that keeps you stuck in limiting thought patterns anyway?  :)

As always, it's your choice.  


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