Living From the Neck Up

Photo by Ryan Moreno on Unsplash

I’ll never forget when I heard motivational speaker - Lisa Nichols describe the term “living from the neck up”.  

Lisa was speaking about her weight loss journey - and explained how she realized she was holding onto to a lot of old energy and other people’s “stuff”. 

Can you relate?

When you are empathic - you have a superpower to feel into other people’s pain.  Marry being empathic with being highly sensitive, and you have a recipe to literally take on other people’s pain.  

Have you ever noticed you attract people who love to be in your energy but you feel drained in theirs?

Now, the standard response here is to institute boundaries  - which is healthy and useful…


I believe there is deeper work left to do  - and it’s the work of getting out of your head and into your body.

Your head won't (and can't) heal energetic wounds.  Wounds that attract experiences and people who you drain you vs. fuel you.

I've realized this very recently when I made a huge decision to stop talk therapy.  This decision was very difficult as I love my therapist and had worked with her for a long time.

Yet, I knew something different was calling to me.

Something where I could not only get out of my head and into my body....

Something that would allow me to connect to a deeper part of me -my CORE feminine energy that I have yet to feel worthy (and safe) enough to express.  

See, feminine energy is's's free.  

And...feminine energy can be scary not only to others - but to ourselves as well. 

The feminine reveals.
The feminine stands for Truth.
The feminine speaks Truth.

And the Truth is - the feminine has been oppressed for thousands of years...not only by others but by ourselves.  

I've always known on some level that I've been suppressing my feminine.  But because I was living from the neck up, I couldn't define what was missing - or even how to get "at it".  

This is why I decided to not only work with Alyssa Kuzins - an embodiment mentor, but go full-in and become an Ambassador for her Body Art program

Body Art is a 90-minute embodied dance & writing class - designed to activate healing and uplevel your self awareness through different healing themes each month.  

I've already experienced incredible shifts and healings through my short time in the program.  

I've realized how incredible the wisdom of the body is and all it has to teach us.  

Being in your body will show you a whole new way of BEING.  

Will you always be comfortable being in your body?
No.  But that’s the point.

Living from the neck up will keep you in survival mode.
Feeling like each day was just like the last.

Living in your body will allow you to realize the MORE you are seeking.  Feeling like each day has something NEW to teach you about aliveness.

Does it take work?

Does it take commitment?
Yes.  For the rest of your life really.  

But I believe this “work” is the only way.
The only way is through
Through movement you’ll find the answers.

Movement is the KEY.

The Truth is, I'm an ambassador for Alyssa's program and make $$ if you decide to participate, however, I would share her work for free - that's how much I believe in it.  

Alyssa provides a safe, sacred space to not only heal - but as she put is - BE THE ART WE ARE.  

Have you ever seen yourself as a work of art?  

I hope you start viewing yourself that way now.  








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