Letting Life Unfold Naturally

Michael Singer, author and spiritual teacher said it best:  

"Most of us think that nothing good is ever going to happen to us unless I make it happen.  We don’t realize we think this way, but we do.  We are scared inside - and we have all these concepts of how things need to be for us to be okay. We think life is a battle, a fight. Thinking life is against me and I need to make it for me.  The Truth is, life does a good job by itself. Life is pretty intelligent. No human interest with the miraculous that life is.”

I don’t know about you but this statement summed up my approach to life - believing that my life should look a certain way and meet MY expectations - and if it doesn’t, something is wrong - or that I’m a failure for not being able to change it.

As he states, life doesn’t need us to dicate what should happen.  Just look at the weather - nature has her own ideas doesn’t she?  What if the same is true for our lives?  What if the circumstances you’re in right now are exactly what is intended for your life - and rather than looking at them negatively or wrong, what if you looked at them with an open and accepting heart?

As always, as with anything and everything, it’s your choice.




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