Letting Go of Control

Photo by Frank Vessia on Unsplash

Have you ever experienced a situation in life or work where you felt so attached to an outcome that it was driving you crazy? 

Have you tried everything in your power to manipulate that particular outcome and still have nothing happen?  

Did you, at some point, realize that the situation was simply out of your control and you needed to surrender and let "it" go? 

Most of us could use a weekly class in buffing our internal surrender muscle.

Most often the beliefs around surrender conjure up feelings of giving up and losing all hope. 

The Truth is:  

Being able to surrender and trust in a higher power is actually a sign of spiritual maturity.  Learning to surrender before any suffering and turmoil begins, well that is challenge!

When you are so attached to an outcome and want something to happen so badly, you can become tremendously impatient and frustrated and end up suffering in the turmoil.  

In order to draw Grace, and allow your best outcome(s) to happen, ask yourself:  

"Have I done everything I can do in this situation?" 

If the answer is no, and you feel like you could make one more call, or send one more email, then fine, do that. Then, once you feel like you have done everything in your power, it's time to surrender and put "it" in the hands of your higher power.  

Being able to surrender buffs an internal muscle that comes in very handy, especially for the things that are most important to you. 

It's important to 
notice what you’re surrendering and what you’re not.  Then ask yourself am I surrendering certain things in my life/work more easily than others?  Am I holding certain things by the neck because they are too important just to give them up?!?!

Notice where your trust is and pay attention to your willingness to let go, ask for help, and not only hope for the best, but know the best is on it’s way, regardless of what happens.  

Here are some more questions to ponder: 

What area of my life or work, or particular situations, am I feeling really attached to a particular outcome?

Am I feeling frustrated and impatient about something that isn't happening yet?

Is it time for me to begin buffing my surrender muscle and trusting in a higher power to take the wheel?

Having trust, patience and most importantly faith is the key here - and you can only do that by moving into the passenger seat and letting a higher power drive!


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