Learning to Surrender

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“Don't aim at success - the more you aim at it and make it a target, the more you are going to miss it. For success, like happiness, cannot be pursued; it must ensue... as the unintended side-effect of one's personal dedication to a course greater than oneself.” ~Victor Frankl

This quote above is very profound and one I suggest you may want to print-out and contemplate. And what a perfect time to contemplate what success really means to you – as we are embarking on another year – a year full of hope, anticipation, and excitement – and another year and chance to ‘get it right’.

Yet, trying to be successful, or trying to ‘get it right’, can not only cause loads of pressure, tension and stress, it can also feel really unfulfilling.

How many times have you ‘gotten the goal’, achieved something that was important to you, and celebrated it – and then felt a deep pressure and a looming anxiety to figure-out what’s next and how you’ll top what you just did?

This habit of a constant ‘bar-raising’ approach to life never feels fully fulfilling because it’s all about achieving goals on the outside and constantly trying to GET vs. learning how to GIVE to life so you can feel worthy of receiving.

The truth is - even though you’re accomplished, ambitious, and love to feel successful and give to others, you’re also probably really tired of constantly putting loads of pressure on yourself by raising the bar of achievement – and trying to do better. You’re tired of not knowing how-to give yourself credit for what you do right, and wish you could know how to be more loving and gentle with yourself – but struggle because you never feel like you’re doing enough.

What if, deep down, your deepest desire and yearning is to enjoy your life – and for it to feel more meaningful, full, and plain easier, and less stressful?  What if what you truly want is to Yfeel more confident, secure and safe in the world – and to know that you’re being taken care of – and that your outer circumstances aren’t only your responsibility – but that you have a loving Divine Source who truly does ‘have your back’?  

If any of what I just stated resonates with you – then consider that you've  been taught and told that you need to live and operate in life from the energy and belief that you're 100% responsible for your results. 

What if this isn't true?  What if life doesn't need to feel so hard - and you don't need to put so much pressure on yourself to "do and achieve"?  What if there is an easier way - and by embracing this approach to life, you can go to another level of growth, evolution and awareness?  

This process starts with getting real with yourself – and owning what you truly, deeply desire and value on the inside of you – not what society tells you that you should care about. It’s about knowing what matters the most to you – and defining what success means to you personally.

There is another way to live outside of the goal-oriented society we live in, and another way to view your value and worth in this world.

This other way is a simpler, more aware, more meaningful, more joyous, and graceful way to approach and live your life.   Simple doesn’t mean less successful, it simply means - your time feels meaningful to you, you feel at peace no matter what you’re doing, and you know that you’re living in alignment with your greatest passion and purpose - and that whatever you’re doing, it’s what you’re meant to be doing – and that is what makes you feel successful.

Each year, without us realizing it or not, we all have the same goal and that goal is: to continue to become more self-aware, to continue to transform into our truest, most unique Selves, and to be in alignment with what the Divine Creator has designed and planned for your life. Realizing what those designs/plans are is the goal – and becoming aware of who you really are, and being that person, is the process.

To start a bit of that process now –check out the below contemplations....

Imagine that your life is made of two parts: the 1st part of your life is intended for you to forget your True Self, and the 2nd part of your life is intended for you to remember.

Now, imagine that the first-half of your life is all about achieving and trying to make-up for a perceived deficiency or lack that you may have felt your entire life. And the second-half of your life is about you discovering that there isn’t any lack and you are full, whole and fulfilled exactly as you are today.

If you know deep in your heart that you’re yearning for your time to feel differently, then you’re either approaching, or are in, the second-half of your life (regardless of your age by the way) and your values, and your definition of success has most likely changed. Now is a great time to take inventory of how your perception and definition of success may have shifted.

Ask yourself:

What matters to me now that didn’t before?

How do I yearn to see and value myself vs. how I’ve perceived my value in the past?

How do I yearn for others to see and value me?

How do I yearn to see others and their value in my life?

How do I yearn to perceive my value in the world vs. how I’ve perceived my value in the past?

Some deep questions to ponder as we kick off not only a new year - but a new decade!  

Enjoy your contemplations!



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