Intuition vs. Intellect

This past year with the pandemic, we’ve all had to be with ourselves  - more often than many of us would like.

Being a true introvert and empath, I need time alone to recharge – so the pandemic’s requirement of socially distancing wasn’t a big deal for me.

What proved to be a big deal however was learning how distant and disconnected I have been from my body. 

Sure, I worked out each day – and went to hot yoga a few times a week…and in those intense workouts, I definitely felt connected to my body. 

But once the day started…forget it – I was off and running…

I realized that being present in the body is a muscle to be buffed in itself. 

There are so many distractions that keep all of us distanced and disconnected from ourselves.   

It’s incredible what you realize when you’re forced to stop and simply BE. 

What’s also incredible is to witness how active the mind is – and how the mind wants full attention and full control over E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. 

Perhaps, like me, you were taught to value your intellect -   to prove how smart and accomplished you are – and can continue to be. 

The intellect is amazing – and has so many great gifts to provide you – especially when you need to rationalize and figure things out. 

But your intellect is only one part of your intelligence.

True intelligence – the intelligence of our soul (a.k.a. your intuition)– lives within you – in your body.

You can recognize your intuition by the way your body speaks to you. 

If you feel anxious ask the anxiety what it is trying to reveal to you.

If you feel hesitant, rather than rush to a decision from your head, ask your body why it’s pausing.

If you feel conflicted, rather than write out a pros and cons list (you can do that too!) – ask your body what it knows to be true.

Your intuition is your guide to a deeper knowing that your mind couldn’t reveal to you. 

Your mind is programmed to know certain things – but not all things. 

If you’re yearning to tap into something deeper – a deeper part of you that can and will lead you to where you’re meant to go – than look no further than your own body. 

You have the answers within.

Just imagine how powerful you’ll continue to be when you can marry your intellect with your intuition - like marble cake - both are delicious and make up a great desert!  

Think of your intuition and intellect like this: Imagine you want to hang a picture on the wall in your home.  Your intuition seeks the perfect spot for the picture.  Once you KNOW where you want to hang the picture (a.k.a. go), then your intellect is like the hammer that comes in and puts the nail in the wall. 

Both your intuition and intellect are needed for your beautiful art to take flight.

Next time you're up against something important and you need answers - rather than rely only on your mind/intellect, tune-in to the wisdom that your body holds - and be vulnerable enough to wait for the answer that get revealed.  

The courage to do this will give you continued confidence and more trust in yourself.

What more proof do you need than that!?  


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