How To Stop Negative Thinking

"We attract what we are aligned with whether consciously or unconsciously."

When I read the above statement something clicked in me.  I read it and instantly knew that it is True.  We attract what we are aligned with - whether we know it or not.

And…oftentimes, when it comes to the areas of our lives that are the most important and we want to attract and keep what we truly value - those are the areas that feel so out of grasp, like water slipping through your fingers.

Do you agree?

A client asked me the other day, why is it so easy for me to be calm and attract things that I don’t care much about so effortlessly - but when it comes to what truly matters for me - what is most important, I feel anxious and I overanalyze - and then keep things stuck?

Well, I’ve found through first-hand experience (my own and in collaboration with clients) - the areas we block and create challenges are the areas where we have the deepest wounding - and also the opportunity for the greatest breakthroughs.

Yes, it’s true.  If you can be courageous to go into your pain vs. avoiding it, you will transcend so many limiting beliefs and experience life on a whole new level - that you’ll feel like you’re dreaming.

Someone told me that all addiction is the avoidance of going into your pain.  And, when we think about addiction, most of think about the addictions that get the most press - drugs, alcohol, food, gambling, sex, shopping, etc.

Yet, have you ever considered that negative thinking and mind noise could be an addiction?  It is - and I’m a full blown think-aholic.

See, I know deep down that I have a strong spiritual core - I’ve always known this.  Yet, what I didn’t realize was - how mind-driven I truly am.  I used to look at others and accuse them of having big egos - when in Truth, I probably have one of the biggest egos I know!

And in this context, when I say big ego, I don’t mean bragging or thinking I’m all that - it’s actually quite the opposite - where my ego is addicted to looking for what’s wrong and trying to find FEAR (false evidence appearing real) everywhere!  

I’ve realized too that I’ve experienced this mind dominance and negative thinking obsession in the areas that I care most deeply about - and have avoided going into for a very long time.

Being connected, being vulnerable and being seen - areas that are most important - and are the scariest for me to look at it.   But, I’m doing it - I’m going into those fears - and illusions and asking myself why I’ve been obsessed with believing that life can’t be trusted - and that things just won’t work out - and challenge it all.

And so can you…the question is…will you?  Will do you take the courageous step to go into your pain vs. avoiding it?  Will you realize that by going into the places that scare you the most that you’ll find your destiny?  Will you choose yourself and living your best life vs. believing that your circumstances (past and present) define you?

As always, it’s your choice.






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