How To Stop Fear From Holding You Back

You know the feeling - your jaw clenches and you feel anxious and nervous…you may know what is triggering you and you may not.  Regardless - you know that in that moment fear has a grip on you - and you believe whatever “it” tells you - that "it's" real.

Have you ever considered that you may have been following fear vs. following your own Truth - especially in areas of your life that mean the most to you?

And, usually the areas that make you feel the most fear - are the areas that never seem to change - do you agree?

Fear “thinks” it’s keeping you safe - but in Truth  - it’s keeping you the same and miserable.

Sure, fear has it’s place in your life.   It is tremendously effective in keeping you out of danger.  Yet, I don’t really consider that fear  - but more trusting your instincts and taking the right actions accordingly.

When you trust your instincts you're following your intuition - which fear doesn’t want you to listen to - especially when it comes to making important decisions in your life.  Fear wants to create the opposite of trusting yourself - it wants you to doubt yourself.  It wants to make you overthink, overanalyze, and convince you that there is no way things could be different - so why bother trying…?

Sound familiar?

So, what do you do when fear gets its grip on you?  What do you do when the thoughts in your mind begin to tell you all the reasons things won’t work out?

You must know in that moment the key distinction between Truth and a lie.  Fear’s goal is to be right   - and when it tells you lies you will look outside of you for proof to prove fear right!  Truth on the other hand will come to you in the present moment and will guide you effortlessly through your knowing. 

The best way to decipher when fear is guiding you is to stop and be present in the moment.  You will then be able to listen to the fearful thoughts that are trying to convince you of something awful.  In this moment you can choose to engage with fear and give it your full attention and energy or not.

The other alternative is to listen to the fearful thoughts and rather than engage with them - go deeper and stay present and wait for Truth to be revealed.  How will you know?  You will hear the thoughts but you won’t identify with them and believe them - you’ll simply witness them.

Again, as always, it’s your choice what you choose to give your energy to - choose wisely.



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