How To Not Settle For Less

Photo by Miguel Orós on Unsplash

"I ain't settling for just getting by. I've had enough "so so" for the rest of my life.  Tired of shooting too low, so raise the bar high.   Just enough ain't enough this time.  I ain't settling for anything less than everything!" ~Lyrics from Ainít Settlin, Sugarland 

How many times have you felt like your heart and soul have urged you to explore the MORE within  - yet a part of you crops up to remind you to: "Don't even think about it  - it's not meant for you, stay where you are, youíre safer here..."?

If you take the word Settle - and explore the opposite of it, (thanks to you find the words: "confuse, mix up, unsettle". 

No wonder it feels scary to grow and evolve. It feels unsettling, confusing and mixed-up!  The exact opposite of what it feels like to play it safe, stick with the ordinary, go with what you know but remain bored, stagnant and feeling life-less.  

Speaking of feeling life-less, I researched the opposite of "life" as well.  What popped-up?   "Inanimacy".   Yikes again. To be inanimate is to feel lifeless, dull, and spiritless. Sounds like a piece of furniture to me, and not necessarily qualities that we humans having a spiritual experience seek to feel. 

The goal of having you see the meaning of these words, and their opposites, is to demonstrate to you what it feels like to not commit to the growth and evolution process within and to connect with your Spirit and True Self.

Below are some tips to further your exploration of what your buried dreams are trying to tell you - and how these scary feelings, unsettling thoughts, and risky adventures are just what your Soul ordered for you at this moment in your life to grow and evolve into your most radiant, confident, courageous Self! 

Step 1:  Starting this week take some inventory of what you feel like you're settling for in your life, work, and/or relationships. Simply make a list of what or who is draining you of life-energy - or what you know youíre tolerating.  

Step 2:  Then, simply look at your list and number it in areas of importance. You may find patterns or categories on which you can tackle certain areas together.

Step 3:  Then, choose one thing that you can commit to that you know deep within will force you to grow and evolve and make a decision to follow the guidance of your True, Higher Self.

Step 4:  Then ask yourself - what is the Decision that you know you need to make but feels scary? Is it to finally get your resume done and begin the steps to looking for more fulfilling work? Or, is it to hire someone to help you gain clarity on something, but you've been procrastinating and making excuses to just do it?

Whatever the Decision is that you need to make, do it within 7 days - and take the first step towards that change.  When you do this - the rest of your year and your life will change for the better!  


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