How To Get Out of Overwhelm

When you feel overwhelmed by all there is to do - you feel powerless and buried under a heap of responsibilities. You may often struggle with feeling stuck and unmotivated and hear your inner critic voice say - "Why bother even trying  - it's not going to make a difference anyways.

Sound familiar? 

If you've struggled with a consistent pattern of feeling overwhelmed, stressed, tired and burnt-out - by all there is to DO - and never feeling like you will be able to catch-up, then I invite you to look a little deeper and determine what may be driving you to want to feel overwhelmed. 

Wanting to feel overwhelmed? Are you crazy? Who would want that!?

Consider this - when you crave more time, more space, more balance, more sanity in your life - and then you actually get it - you may not know what to do with all that space because you're so used to thriving on the overwhelmed feelings. 

The challenge here is to understand what's driving you to be more committed to being overwhelmed, stressed and busy - and why these needs are trumping your other needs for less stress, more peace and balance in your life.

In other words, what benefit are you getting out of being overwhelmed?

The opposite of overwhelm is to underwhelm which means to fail to interest or astonish or amaze.... Hmmmm

You may not realize that if you've been struggling with feeling overwhelmed most of your life, that you're actually getting a huge adrenaline rush from it!

You may not like feeling stressed, exhausted and like everyone else's needs and priorities trump your own, but you wouldn't dare give up the benefits that you believe overwhelm give you such as a false sense of energy, excitement, and self-worth. 

Consider that you'd rather feel overwhelmed than underwhelmed. You'd rather feel stressed, pressured, and tested to the max, than feel lazy, under-utilized and bored. You'd rather astonish yourself and others by all that you can accomplish and get done - than allow yourself the time to let life un-fold and allow things to come to you. 

These motivations aren't Truth however.

You donít need to sacrifice your needs for excitement, having high energy, and a strong feeling of accomplishment in order to feel more peaceful, joyful and balanced. It isn't an even/or scenario. 

In order to get all your needs met, you need to know what it is that you're working towards and why. You need a vision that pull you (not push you) forward - that will give you energy, drive, and excitement  - while you also experience the peacefulness of being in complete alignment with your natural rhythms and focusing only on what you're meant to be doing - and letting go of what no longer serves you.

Now that you know why you may thrive off feeling overwhelmed, how do you begin to balance things and get clear on what's really important to you? How do you know what activities would align your heart/soul/mind together so you can take action that is peacefully productive? 

Here are some tips for helping you get clear on what's really driving you vs. what's driven and motivated you in the past: 

Step #1: Prioritize Peace:  Years ago outer accomplishments and working around the clock may have been what drove you to take action - and what gave you a strong sense of self-worth and satisfaction in your life. Yet today, this may have shifted without you even knowing it. Your goal:  evaluate where your need for inner peace, calmness, and joy has risen-up on the priority list - and document what activities give you a sense of peace. Now ask yourself: how often am I doing this? If never, why? 

Step #2: Value Purpose:  Getting everything and anything done in order to feel accomplished, productive, useful, and valuable is and old way of getting your need for self-worth met. You most likely (like all of us) have fallen prey to what our society and culture value - do more, accomplish more - at any cost. Your goal:  Tune-in to your deeper internal cravings and evaluate where a deeper connection with yourself, with others and with your purpose has risen on the priority list. Take inventory of how you want to feel each day and if other's priorities and purpose are trumping your own. Then, make a commitment to align yourself with a support person or group that will get you moving towards a more purpose-filled life and work. 

Step #3:  Cut-Out Comparing:  Trying to copy what other's have done to be successful or learn the latest "paint-by-numbers" approach to getting results, will not align you with your True Self.  Your goal: Commit to invoking silence into your life  - which is the only place you can connect with the True You.  The Divine has unique plan for your life and your life only - and the only way you'll align with this blueprint is to get quiet, go inside, and trust the quiet voice within. Your to-do's, your map, your guidance is all there within - your job is to courageously follow the wisdom you receive.

To get out of overwhelm and align with your higher values, you must give yourself this quiet time that you deserve  - otherwise - other's priorities, other's purposes and needs will continue to trump yours always - and that's no fun. We need you to evolve, to prosper and realize your True Self and that starts with the steps above.  

As always, it's your choice.  


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