How To Change Your Vibe

Photo by Sasha Freemind on Unsplash

”The pain that you’ve been feeling can’t compare to the joy that’s coming.” ~Romans 8:18

I heard a statement the other day that really struck me .  I knew in an instant that it was true.  Here it is:  “The deeper the pain, the deeper the Truth there is to discover”.

We live in a world of contrast…opposites…light and dark…up and down….what goes up, must come down – and so on.

So, what does this mean to your life?   A whole lot.

Consider an area of your life that has royally challenged you. An area that has maybe caused you pain or at least lots of discontent.  Other areas of your life may flow easily (or easier) but this one area seems to be stuck and you don’t what it is. Perhaps you self-sabotage or are your own worst enemy. Most likely you compare yourself to others who thrive in this area of their lives and think – “what the heck is wrong with me?!?!”.

Now, consider this when it comes to the area you struggle with....if you have experienced a whole lot of what you don’t want in this area of your life – haven’t you built a mega savings of contrast that is waiting in the wings for you to claim?  Also, a bonus is - now know with extreme clarity on what you do not want – so why not use that information to focus on what you do want?
You’ve most likely heard the term – what you think about you bring about – right?   Yes, we all know it’s true – and as much as you may try to think positive – certain areas of life just keep remaining stuck.

This is where very sneaky unconscious beliefs get in your way and you may not know what to do. Below are some tips to help you bring more consciousness to these stuck areas and make them super practical so you can apply to your life right away:

Tip #1:  Be Happy With What Is: So clique I know!   But seriously – if you focus on what you don’t want – guess what happens? You get more of it! Remember the whole “what you think about you bring about? “ So, in order to allow MORE of what you want into your life – you need to first be happy with what is. Be okay with not having what it is that you want. This attitude will get your thoughts and beliefs in alignment and your vibration will automatically go up and you’ll feel and be more attractive to attract what you want. A great mantra to use here is: Things are perfect as they are – and really mean it when you say it. Feel it, believe it, BE it.

Tip #2:  Know That You Are Enough & Have Enough:  Good ol’ gratitude is what this tip is all about. Take inventory of where you’re abundant – including the area where you feel challenged. Think about all that you already have in ALL areas – and notice how your vibe shifts and how you begin to feel. A great mantra to use here is: I am enough. I have enough. Feel it, believe it, BE it.

Tip #3:  Seek Out Affirmative Evidence: Take the area where you feel stuck and seek out evidence in your own past – and in the lives of people you’re close with – and see where it manifests and it is possible. When you go digging for where you’ve had manifestation in this area in the past – even if it felt small – grab onto it and take note of it. This is your proof that it’s not only possibly but you have a whole lot coming your way! A great mantra here is: It’s happened before, it will happen again. I believe. Remember, feel it, believe it, BE it.


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