From Ambition to Meaning

life purpose self worth May 28, 2019

The other morning, during a conversation with a friend, the topic of ambition and the continual chase for more had come up.

My friend was discussing the fact that the continual climb to be better, to achieve goals, and to continually raise the bar, wasn't working anymore in terms of giving them that fulfilled feeling they normally had experienced.

The conversation reminded me of a Wayne Dyer movie I had watched a few years back: The Shift. The movie is all about The Shift we all experience where we go from living a life that is all about ambition and succeeding to graduating into a more purposeful life.

In the movie, Wayne explains that The Shift is usually preceded from a quantum moment - a moment where you realize there is not only MORE to life, but more to you and what you're here to contribute.

When it comes to you discovering your deeper Self  - and the contribution you're here to make - the most important thing to realize is: you have been given circumstances, events, and people in your life who not only shape you and help you realize who you really are  - but these circumstances also shape and mold what it is that you're here to contribute to humanity.

Imagine that the real reason why you're here is to make a difference in other people's lives - with your talents and innate gifts- and others will benefit greatly from it with or without you even knowing.

If you're at a point where you're questioning your life  - and the same old ways of doing and being aren't working anymore  - consider that you're moving from the morning of your life into the afternoon of your life  - where you're ready to go deeper into your Self and discover your greatest contribution and what will bring you the deepest fulfillment.

To help you gain some clarity, find a quiet place with privacy and contemplate these three questions:

Ask yourself: what areas of my life have been served to me that I've always found challenging - but through perseverance, dedication and lots of prayer - I've found the ability to not only get through them, but thrive through them?

Document specific circumstances where you've achieved things or overcome adversities that you never thought you could.

Then, imagine that your greatest contribution that you're here to make to others and will bring you great fulfillment - is right in front of your face.

Here's a hint: it's what comes most naturally and easily to you and it's what you couldn't imagine ever getting paid to do, and it's what everybody compliments you's so easy for you most likely don't value it.

After contemplating the challenging circumstances you've overcome - as well as the natural talents and gifts you possess - give yourself the opportunity to receive insight into what The Divine has planned for you.

Ask your Higher Power what you've been designed to do,  who you've been designed to serve, and what contribution you're here to make. Then, remain in the silence and wait for the answers. Have a pen and a piece of paper handy  - beautiful wisdom is sure to pour through.

This process is a beautiful gift to not only give you but to give others as well. Imagine that your life  - your whole life  - not just what you do for work - is a GIFT to humanity  - who you become will inspire others and everything you do will have a positive impact and effect.

In order to become your Real Self  - your only job is to allow yourself to know and be known and be vulnerable and strong enough to ask the questions .  Because after all, a high quality life has to do with the questions you ask  - and of course, the answers you receive.

Have fun contemplating and discovering!



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