Feeling Guilty For Wanting MORE?

Photo by Allison Heine on Unsplash

“Believe you can and you're halfway there.” ~Theodore Roosevelt

In your life you’ve most likely doubted yourself, your abilities, and your overall 
self-worth at some point, right? 

Well, that’s actually a really good thing (say what?!?) because if you didn’t feel self-doubt, or struggle with your overall worthiness, then you wouldn’t be living up to your full potential and experiencing the growth and evolution that your soul longs for.

See, your dreams, desires, and adventures that you long manifest into reality - have absolutely nothing to do with your overall worthiness or feeling deserving, or ‘good enough’ - but in actuality, have everything to do with what your soul came to experience and needs to fully express in order to feel alive.

It really is that simple, yet not always so easy to embrace. 

When you begin to align your dreams, passions, and longings with your soul, rather than your head, you see that what you yearn to do and be in life and work, is simply a natural expression of who you are at a core level.

The misconception is almost always steeped in the hold-backs of feeling deserving or worthy enough to experience what you long to experience.

The feeling of guilt you may feel - as though you shouldn’t be able to go after your passions or express them in the way you see fit because others don’t live or work that way – so why should you? 

But what if you could see that whatever it is that your soul longs to express creatively is simply a natural extension of who you are – and it has nothing to do with being good enough, worthy enough, or better than others –it’s simply ‘what is’ - and it’s part of your make-up– and by you accepting this – doesn’t it take the pressure off, and don’t the feelings of self-doubt go away? 

The guilt that you may feel around living the way you long to live, and working and creating in the ways you long to create, are steeped in comparing your desires with others.  Yet, what if you could simply stop looking around at how others are working and living and start looking within and see that what you want is unique to you – and how you need to work and creatively express is about you – not others. 

By you accepting your unique style and your soul’s unique expression, all comparison falls away – and all those feelings of guilt fall away too because you realize it’s not about feeling worthy – it’s simply about acceptance of who you are – and what your make-up is - and knowing that it’s just a matter of you being in-line with your soul and acting from there.

Consider your dreams, creative aspirations, and ways you long to work and live, do you feel guilty about having those desires? 

Do you tend to compare what you want/desire to what others want and desire and wonder if you’re wanting and yearning for too much?

If you struggle with feeling like you need (or should) settle for what everyone else has, consider that you are aligning with your head vs. your soul – and then consider what it would feel like to be in alignment and integrity with your soul, not your head….how would your life be different? 




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