Fear of Change

It’s inevitable, when you set a strong intention to change your life for the better, all sorts of emotions crop-up that you didn’t expect. 

Learning to honor those emotions – all of them – is the KEY to transformation. 

Often we don’t realize that our daily lives are playing out patterns from the past – and unconsciously we are each trying to heal old wounds by trying to “do it better” this time around. 

And always, when you set a strong intention to experience something new, something better, something different than what you’re used to – painful and very uncomfortable emotions will crop-up. 

Truth is:  you are more comfortable with the familiar – what you know – what’s predictable. 

In other words, the predictable pain may make you feel miserable but the pain is something you know. 

It’s as if you choose to watch a movie you’ve seen before – or read a book you’ve read a bunch of times – you know the ending –therefore there is no risk. 

This is where understanding your motivations for change come into play – and digging deep into what you say you want vs. what actions you take against what you say you want.   

We all say we want certain experiences – we talk about them, dream about them, put images on vision boards, etc. – and sometimes they manifest and sometimes they don’t. 

Sometimes you may get what you wanted but not feel worthy of holding onto it so you do something to unconsciously sabotage it. 

Or, you may never be able to fully touch what you want – you can see it, you can feel it, etc. but you just can’t seem to grab onto it and claim it – and you don’t know why. 

A fear of change is often at the root of saying you want something but for whatever reason not committing to the action that is required to actually have that happen. 

This “stuckness” is common – and again - at the root of it is a fear of change. 

Fear of change is a fear of experiencing something that isn’t familiar – that doesn’t feel “safe”.  It may be something that would be absolutely fantastic to experience, but it still feels scary – so your subconscious mind convinces you that it’s better to stick with what you know vs. risking something different. 

And at the root of the fear of change comes a core self-worth issue – a part of you that believes deep down that you’re not worthy and that you need to sacrifice your happiness somewhere in your life and not be too happy. 

If you find yourself stuck in a past pattern and can relate with this, take the time to delve into past circumstances that you know, deep down, you’re still blaming yourself for. 

Where are you beating yourself up and not forgiving yourself for something? Where are you still trying to “fix” a past hurt and as a result not experiencing the happiness that you deserve? 

This self-exploration takes a tremendous amount of courage and self-honesty to explore.  I promise you however, that if you institute the courage to look within and know that you’re worthy of doing so – your life will change and transform for the better.

The question now is:  do you believe, deep down you’re worth it?  Your soul knows you are – follow the voice of your soul and you’ll never go wrong...

As always, it's your choice. 

Photo by William Warby on Unsplash



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