Dealing with Uncertainty

Photo by Jen Theodore on Unsplash

When you feel stressed, unsure and insecure about the future - what do you crave most?  The familiar?  What you know vs. what you don't know?  

It's so common to want to know and to be steeped in the familiar. 

Yet, if you truly want to step into a different life and experience new things for yourself and your potential - is KNOWING really what you need?  Knowing what's going to happen may be what you want - but is it what you NEED?  

I get it.  It is so much easier to want to cling onto the familiar because it gives you a sense of security - a sense of knowing what is going to happen.  But - how can things truly change if you know what's going to happen?  Wouldn't that create more of the same?  

 The Truth is - if you want to experience something different and evolve past who you know yourself to be today - you need to step into the unfamiliar.  You need to get comfortable with uncomfortable.  

Check out the 5 tips below to learn how to not only deal with uncertainty but learn to embrace it:  

1. Become aware and witness - the first step in making changes is to become aware of what you want and need to change.  Often, what will make fundamental changes exists in your subconscious mind vs. your conscious it's crucial to be aware so you can truly see and witness what exists in your world today.  

2. Take inventory of how you're being today  - after you become aware of your environment and surroundings - begin to become aware of yourself and how you're being in your world.  Take on a view as an observer would vs. a participant.  This way you can truly observe vs. judge.  

3. Get clear on who you want to be - as you observe without judgement you will become aware of the energy you're bringing to your.  Are you showing up and being the person you yearn to be in the future?  Are you exuding the energy and characteristics of who you want to be?  Again, simply observe without judgement.  

4. What thoughts, feelings actions will you take - when you become aware of who and how you're being in your life - then you can start to understand the thoughts, actions and behaviours that make-up the person you are being and also yearn to become.  What thoughts, feelings and actions does the person you yearn to evolve into implement in everyday life?  How will you begin having these thoughts, feeling 

5. Small steps make great impact - if you can start by witnessing who you're being each day - vs. trying to make huge changes overnight - you will see incredible impact in a short amount of time.  It's true that small steps and changes make great impact.  

As you go through this process be gentle and kind with yourself - just as you would be for a loved one going through changes.  Soon you'll realize the power you have in your daily choices and nothing is out of your grasp!


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