Courage to Move Forward

The beautiful thing about having a deep desire to find your life's calling through your work's expression is - it's a wonderful excuse and catalyst to grow personally as well as professionally.  

If you think about it, many of the decisions you've made in the past most likely have come from what you thought you *should* do in certain areas vs. what you would have done if you didn't have any fear. 

Isn't it awesome when you realize that you don't have to live by your *shoulds* but rather by what your heart is urging you to do?   Think of it this way: *should* aligns with obligation and obligation stems from feeling undeserving. 

However, doing what you love and what would make your heart sing and bring you joy may have  hesitation around it too.  Subconsciously you may think:  "Do I really deserve to feel joy with my work?  Shouldn't work be hard and a struggle?  Isn't that why they call it work?"    There are those *shoulds* again ;). 

You may think that it's fear that holds you back from doing what you really want to do.  Fear is definitely part of it. 

Another big contribution to feeling held back with pursuing your calling is:  feeling worthy of actually being able to experiencing higher emotions on a daily basis - to be creative, to make a difference, to have an impact, to feel joyful and help make others joyful. 

Your head may say to you after reading this - "Of course I deserve to do what I love!"  However, pay attention to your  deeper subconscious and all that programming you received from childhood.  You may be programmed to feel as if you have to struggle and strive vs. feeling like things could come easy and be more in flow for you.       

This of course is easier said than done, I know.  Just follow your heart and everything will be okay.  But that isn't realistic. 

What is realistic is to realize that you have everything you need within you - it's trusting the guidance within you that's the hard part.      

Many people come to me with a deep heart's desire to make a difference through a creative venture/business.  Often, they come with a vision that is based on what they *think* they can do vs. what is in their life plan and destiny to do & BE.  

Think of it this way…if you know the how, you don't have a vision, you have a plan.  If you know HOW it will happen then you aren't giving the Universe an opportunity to open your life up to new experiences and ways of being.  You will continue to create the same old, same old...literally.  

It's understandable to want to know the "how".  Safety and security are after all the core human needs according to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs .  

Yet, you may have reached a point where being stuck at that place on the pyramid (being able to safely survive) is no fun and the adventure and risk are what would make you feel more alive and aligned with your soul vs. your head.

So, what do you do when you know something is brewing within you and the BIG visions for your life and work just won't let you go?    

If you find yourself "on the edge" of making a decision and moving forward in a direction that feels scary and risky, have a look at the below "Starters" to help make your process not only easier, but more peaceful and faith-filled. 

Start with Signs: & Symbols: To help mitigate fear and to ease your mind from worry, you must first know that you're supported and protected from The Universe and your steps are being guided.  To gain reassurance, ask the Universe for "signs and symbols" to reinforce the direction you're being called to go.   Ask out loud:  "I need to know if this is the right decision.  Please show me an obvious sign within 24-hours that I'll recognize and will confirm my moving forward".  This is a critical step to knowing that this isn't just your endeavor but something of a Higher Calling and you have Universal Support. 

Start Delegating:   As I mentioned above, the reason you may get stuck from getting started is because you need to know all the steps before making a decision...and you need to have 100% certainty that whatever steps you take are the right ones.  Again, this aligns directly with safety and security and oftentimes leads to misery and keeping you stuck.   Just know that this isn't all up to you.  You can (and need to) continually "hand-it-over" to the Universe and delegate responsibility to your Higher Power so that you can feel less pressure to KNOW.  The Universe has many hands - ask for help and guidance and you'll receive it, but you need to ask and receive it!

Start Receiving: Speaking of asking and receiving, you must learn that when you ask for support, you must be open to the guidance you receive.  Just know, your soul is mysterious and un-knowable (at a head level) so the advice and guidance isn't going to be mediocre and "safe".  Your soul will encourage you to take BIG risks. To make decisions that feel as if you're jumping off a cliff.  To lead you into places where you can't "see" the how.  If you're committed to living a creative-filled life on your own terms, you must comply with it not being "easy" and definitely not boring. 

These are just a few small tips on what it means to Co-Create with the Universe and to realize you're never alone.  Trust that you have the support you need.  And, in honor of the great man we are celebrating today, ""Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase." ~Martin Luther King, Jr. 


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