Courage To Make A Change

Are you on the verge of making a big change in your life/work?  Or, do you have a deep desire to make a big change?  

Do you know exactly what you want to see and have change - or is that vision fuzzy?  

Either way, if you know in your heart and soul that a change is needed - it's having the courage to take the steps to make that change come to life - that is the biggest challenge.  

One day, as I was contemplating making my own big changes - I stumbled upon a card in the store that simply read:  Trust In Yourself.  As I backed up to look more closely at it, the whole title read:  “Trust In Yourself to Make a New Beginning”

Intrigued, I opened the card and read through some beautiful wording that described how difficult, yet exciting, it can be when you’re on the verge of change and creating a whole new chapter in your life – a whole new beginning. 

What struck me most was me noticing the words Trust Yourself right away and then seeing the words around a new beginning.  

That's just it.  

Learning to trust yourself when you know a change is needed and desired - even if you feel scared or the vision is fuzzy - is the key - and trusting yourself takes courage.  

Because, trusting yourself is having faith in something you can't see yet - you don't have evidence - and you're going into unfamiliar territory - the sharpest tool to have in your toolkit is SELF-TRUST!  

See, the thing is, when you begin to step outside the story that you created for yourself long, long ago about who you are, where you grew up, what experiences you had, what traumas you had to endure, etc. – that story shapes you. 

That story gives you a sense of Self – and it’s a very limiting Sense of Self – but it does give you some identity – some sense of meaning – based on who you’ve known yourself to BE all these years. 

And without even knowing it, you feel ‘safe’ in everyday life when you live within the confines of your past, because you kinda know what’s going to happen.  You stay around the same type of people, you continue to experience similar events day-after-day, while repeating patterns that reinforce old limiting beliefs. 

This is all unconscious of course and it is by no means an opportunity for self-blaming.

Yet, it is an opportunity to raise your awareness by beginning to look more closely at your life – and be a detective of sorts to almost to discover where you may be resisting change. 

You’ll know because your heart will be pulling you in a direction that may feel foreign, scary, and again, intimidating, but it’s important to notice that these are just feelings that need to be endured while you’re making the change and transition/transformation.  They don’t last – and they allow you to create a whole new beginning. 

Seeing that card was it’s own blessing – not only for me to share with you today – but also to discover something that’s brewing inside me.  I’m ready to evolve into a new chapter and am anxious to receive the clarity on it both in my work and life. 

I’m also holding the space for your growth and evolution too – are you ready to discover it? 

If you're on the verge of making some big changes, consider asking yourself:  

1.  If there were more that I longed for in my life/work, what would that more be?

2.  What am I really hungry, actually starving for that I’m not getting fed?

Simply consider these questions – and tune-in to what your heart says....and then, have the courage to TRUST it!  

As always, it's your choice.  


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