Comparing Yourself to Others

Uncategorized Apr 01, 2019

If there is anything in your sabotager’s toolkit that will squelch your dreams  the quickest - it will be comparing yourself to others – and looking for evidence on how they are better, more qualified, more creative, more successful, more ‘in the know’ than you. 

And if there is anything that I could stress when it comes to your career/business (and life), it would be this:  Be You and only YOU.  No one else can ‘do’ you, or do what you do the way you do it, period! 

Yet, the sad truth is, many folks want to copy other people’s models, plans, and ‘ways’ of doing things and simply be fed their ideas, to get a quick fix – and have a band-aid be put on their most immediate problem.  The problem could be lack of profits, lack of clarity, lack of clients, whatever, there is a lack and they want a quick-hit of something to ease their pain. 

Yet, in reality, the Truth is, in order to gain clarity on anything, a simple tune-in is all you need.  And the place to go to get this insight is your own heart - tune-in, get quiet, and listen to the inner guidance, and as a result, the most brilliant plan will be revealed to you – and it’s a masterpiece that only you can paint – and no one can copy your masterpiece, as much as they may try. 

What action can you take right now to withdraw yourself from any ‘less than’ comparison you’ve got going on - and realize that you’re sitting on a masterpiece, (a.k.a Your True Potential, Your Best Self) you simply need to give yourself permission to reveal that YOU to the world - and as a result, choose the right resources and partners that will help you do that truthfully, and with lots and lots of integrity.     

Pay attention to what you’re letting come into your sphere of influence – and who and what you’re comparing yourself too. 

Notice when you’re doing this and simply notice if you’re letting someone else’s success, or life circumstances, influence you and make you feel inferior. 

Also, I encourage you to notice whose plans and ideas and blueprints you’re following – and do they feel right and true for YOU? 

Then, utilize Judy Garland’s words ask yourself:   "Do I want to be a first rate version of myself – or - a second-rate version of someone else?"

As always, it's your choice.


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