Being Your Own Person

“If God had wanted me otherwise, He would have created me otherwise.”  ~Johann von Goethe

In order to live the life you were designed to live - it’s critical to understand yourself at the deepest level. 

Yet, most of us were taught to cover-up the core of who we are in order to be accepted by others in both our original family of origin, and our peer groups growing up. 

Becoming who you were designed to be is a courageous act because it requires you to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.  It requires you to understand that not everyone is going to approve of what you do and who you commit to becoming.

The most important and courageous act in being your own person is:  accepting and loving ALL parts of yourself first and foremost.  The parts that you honor and cherish and the parts that you’d rather not look at for fear that they are unacceptable.  

I believe we spend way too much time trying to be perfect than being who we’re meant to be. 

Deep down there are core beliefs that if we aren’t acting in a certain way, then something must be wrong with us – we’re defective – or a “sinner”- and don’t deserve what we truly desire. 

Yet, what’s really true about being your own person is to accept that whatever inclinations that you have – whatever personality quirks – or challenges that you deal with all the time – those are there to evolve you and help you grow. 

Consider the truth that - you chose all the circumstances in your life – therefore nothing is “wrong” – it’s ALL Right – and alright.  Imagine looking at your life that way – that every circumstance, person and event happened for the evolution of your soul because you needed it in order to evolve.  Refreshing isn’t it? 

In my work what I find to be folks biggest challenge when making the all important decision to claim their worth is: they think they need to become someone different in order to BE worthy.  When, in actuality, what is required is a process of self-acceptance, trust and faith.

If you’re ready and committed to being your OWN person and claiming your own worth, check-out the questions below to discover how accepting all of you and learning to trust and have faith in life is the KEY to Re-Discovering the Real You...

Being Your Own Person starts with making a decision that you want to live authentically and live your own life vs. living by the expectations and rules that others set for you long ago. 

Making this critical decision requires courage, confidence and faith.  If you’re up for the challenge, here are three questions to contemplate and ponder to get you started on your own personal inventory: 

1) Who is the person I yearn to become? 

2) What do I deeply care about and why? 

3) What and whom do I fear of losing if I claim this life for myself? 

This personal excavation is a start to a profound process of being your own person and learning what makes not only you unique, but the life you were designed to live.   



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