Being An Instrument For God

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 “I am a little pencil in God's hands. He does the thinking. He does the writing. He does everything and sometimes it is really hard because it is a broken pencil and He has to sharpen it a little more.”  ~Mother Teresa

I remember reading somewhere that a high quality of life has to do with what you take off your plate than what you add onto it. 

It is true.  Removing things off your plate both externally in your outer world and internally in your inner world is truly the KEY to living authentically. 

We all know how awesome it feels to purge, clear out your closets and clear space on your calendar for new things to show up in your life. 

Yet, what most often happens is the space that gets cleared off your plate can cause all sorts of emotions and anxiety.  When this happens, the first inclination (without even being aware it’s happening) is to quickly and effectively get those empty spaces filled-up with more stuff.  More to do’s, more have to’s, more places to be, more people to see. 

What causes this ‘never enough’ syndrome? 

Well, I’ve found it to be all about expectations.  Expecting things to be different than what they are and making it your goal to change that. 

I joked at a Retreat I taught that once I discovered that my modus operandi has always been to try to change ‘what is’, I felt like my reason for being/living was pulled away.  If I’m not supposed to change the present and make the future better than the past then what am I supposed to be doing? 

To give you an example, I had created a vision board years back.   I would wake-up each morning to the sight of these images that I pasted all over a big white piece of poster board.  The images mainly represented things I yearned to do, places I yearned to see, and people I yearned to meet.  One day, all of a sudden while looking at the vision board, I got really anxious.  

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am a big fan of vision boards and am constantly encouraging clients to leverage images, words, and colors to give a voice to your soul. 

Yet, what I didn’t consider was, there wasn’t any white space on that vision board for what The Divine had in store for me.  I had planned out my whole future exactly the way it should look and exactly the way I wanted it  - leaving no room for The Divine to bring forth a Vision that I could never imagine on my own. 

I share this example because this is what having balance is all about.  Not balance equaling perfection and having everything be ‘just so’, but balance from the perspective of living everyday with peace of mind knowing that ‘what is’ is what is meant to be right now for your highest good.  And... your future aspirations are about you evolving into your highest potential and discovering what you’ve been made for. 

So, the lesson is to consider what future expectations are weighing you down and feeling heavy and how much responsibility and pressure you’re putting on yourself to make them happen.

Then, consider relying on a much higher power to begin to orchestrate the vision for your life and work so you can breathe, relax and allow what is next to find you. 

Below are some exercises to bring this concept of balance and collaboration with the Divine to life:  

Step 1:  It’s not easy being with lots of space – whether on your calendar, in your home, etc.  but it’s truly imperative if you wish to let a vision find you.  Now you can give it a try.  Take a big white piece of poster board and hang it up on the wall – somewhere private – where you can see it and take it down if you have company over.  It’s important to allow your soul visions to be sacred and private. 

Step 2:  Simply allow the white space to BE for a while. 

Step 3:  As you go through your upcoming weeks, begin to tune-into your heart and stay open and awake to words, images, symbols, etc that would allow your soul to express how you feel in 7 main areas of your life:  spiritual, financial, emotional, mental, professional, physical, and social. 

I’ve found through this exercise that your soul will tell you a very different story than your head will.  Your head may go for the picture of the BMW which is fine!  Yet, your soul may go for the image of an open road along the coast which goes a big deeper. 

See how this works?   Enjoy and have fun! 


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