Awaken Your Feminine Energy

Have you ever felt like you just want to run away from it all? 

Go where there are no distractions or disruptions.

Maybe you envision a spa getaway or maybe even a one night away at a hotel.  

These "statistical chill-outs" - those that have a start & end date - are absolutely what your soul needs from time-to-time. 

Yet, when you are a creative soul - building space into your life can't happen from time-to-time, it needs to be integrated into your day-to-day life. 

If you know you've suppressed your inner artist – you’ll know if she's calling you to come alive again – to express herself – to be set free – because she won’t leave you alone. 

She'll be quietly, but persistently calling to you - asking for more space, more quiet, more solitude. 

She'll also be asking for more self-expression and creativity - and for you to be doing things that feed your soul.  

Below are some practical ideas on how-to wake up your creative muse –so you give your soul and heart a voice and some much needed air time.

To awaken your creativity and to let your soul breathe – first start by asking yourself:

  • What do I feel starved for?
  • What do I secretly wish for in the area of my own personal freedom and creative expression?
  • Where am I feeling resentful that I never seem to get my own time?
  • Who do I envy with what they’re able to create or do?

Then, when you think about your surroundings and environment, ask yourself:  

  • Where do I shut-down and feel exhausted?
  • Do I have a place to go to get a soul reprieve and creative outlet – or is everyone else’s ‘stuff’ intruding on my space?

To help awaken your creative spirit, start small – and begin to create space at home – and in your everyday surroundings that allows you to know you’re honoring and listening to your creative spirit.

As always, remember – these are just suggestions – take what works and leave the rest:

  • Carve-out a space in your home (even if it’s in a corner) that is yours and yours alone.  Ask for privacy when you’re in that space – and make sure wherever your space is – there is a door in the room that you can close.
  • Go on a treasure hunt for symbols that speak to your soul – and that you can put in your private space. I am a big fan of gemstones and crystals that come in your favorite colors. You can find them at a metaphysical store in your area – or simply Google and buy some online.
  • Buy an essential oil that makes you feel calm and keep it in your space – and some by your bed – and put it on before you go to sleep. For example, lavender is a beautiful scent to calm and soothe your soul.
  • Buy a velvet, fluffy pillow and put it in your space as you burn incense that awakens your senses – and keep a journal nearby to jot down what insights bubble up from inside.
  • Wear a colorful, sparkly bracelet that speaks to you and inspires you – so as you are sitting in traffic, or in a meeting, you remember that you’re honoring and listening to your creative spirit each day
  • Carve out creative time on your calendar – an “Authentic Soul Date” – that are for you, yourself and you to spend time alone, in silence and solitude.
  • Buy a beautiful scarf in a bright, vibrant color and keep it on while at home.
  • Research “Goddesses” via Google Images and see which image speaks to your soul as a beautiful symbol to offer you guidance.
  • Search for some beautiful Gregorian Chants online to download or download some Enya. Both speak to the soul.

Now, as you read these suggestions, your head may say that these sound luxurious but not practical and that you just don’t have time. But trust me, that’s just your resistance.

If you know deep-down that you’re hungry for something and aren’t sure what that something is – these suggestions may be just what you need to awaken and give that something a voice. Give them a try.


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