Aligning Your Head & Heart

Photo by Steve Halama on Unsplash

"The expression of divinity is in variety." ~Sheri S. Tepper

If you are someone who longs to follow your soul's path and purpose - you most likely struggle with the balance of what your soul needs and what your head wants.  

You may struggle with ensuring you are being responsible with your everyday decisions  - and taking care of your basic life necessities - while also honoring your soul and the evolution it craves.  

So, as with everything in life that we strive for, balance is needed.  Not balance in a perfectionism way, but balance in a way that you're acknowledging all your needs- especially the needs of your heart and your head - which are very different.

To help give some clarity around this, let me share an exercise I did that you may find insightful and helpful  - when I asked my head and then asked my heart what they both needed:  

My Heart/Soul Needs:

Variety:  adventure, less mundane
Authenticity:  integrity, less pleasing
Clearness & Clarity :  stay on the soul-directed path
Acknowledgement & Appreciation:  appreciate my creations and self expression
Trust & Faith To Follow It:   trust that no matter what happens, it's all okay
Beauty - I love to be surrounded by beautiful, sensory experiences and visuals
Freedom - march to the beat of my own drum!

My Head Needs:

Systems & Structure:  organization equals peace of mind
Practical Plans:  knowing where I'm going & how I'll get there 
Stimulation need to feel busy & productive, it feels good
Exercise & Good Nutrients:  provide clarity 
Boundaries:   protection of my life-energy is key
Peace, Quiet & Privacy:  privacy and silence aren't optional
Schedule & Routine:  gives rhythm to my life & work

Interesting aren't they?

Can you relate and see how by documenting what your heart needs vs. what your head needs that you begin to become more self-aware and compassionate with yourself?

Now, I don't believe that as us as spiritual beings having a human experience, that it's this simple to compartmentalize certain parts of us because we are complex beings.  I do find it helpful to differentiate and acknowledge what different aspects of your nature need to operate effectively in order to feel safe and secure - without getting stagnant, stale and bored!

Check-out the exercise below where I give you some ideas on how you can do this for yourself  - especially if you're feeling a little stagnant, bored and needing some variety - it's time to step-out and follow your heart but also to let your head know, it's okay too!

Make sure to find a private place and carve-out about 45-minutes to do the exercise. Document your findings in your journal.

Imagine that your heart and your head are meant to merge and live together happily ever after, as if they are married. How will the two aspects, and their different needs get along?

Now, consider that in order for your heart to be happy it needs to expand, grow and evolve and be very open  - and your head needs to know that it's safe, okay, and that you're being responsible and practical.

Taking both of these unique needs into account, what decisions do you need to make to ensure that you're being in integrity with both sides of yourSelf?

As always, have fun contemplating these questions.


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