Accepting What Is

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“I finally figured out the only reason to be alive is to enjoy it”.
 ~Rita Mae Brown

If there is one common denominator in the Claim Your Worth!® collaboration and coaching process it is:    helping you to balance your future aspirations while maintaining everyday peace of mind

Not such an easy mission when everything in our society screams at us to do more, be more, have more, and accomplish more. 

Yet, this balance of experiencing everyday peace while still aspiring and accomplishing what you desire is possible.  It simply takes choice.  The choice it requires is to accept ‘what is’ right now, without feeling like you’re resigning to ‘what is’.   

Consider this:  we live in a dualistic Universe that has ebbs and flows.   Sometimes things are ‘up’ and sometimes they are ‘down’.  Imagine if you could learn to accept and sometimes enjoy ‘what is’ regardless of what's going on…?  

Can you relate with any of these feelings and statements?  

  • This just shouldn’t be! 
  • Things should be different than they are! 
  • My situation shouldn’t look like this. 
  • I should be further along by now. 
  • I should have accomplished much more by now.

Not only are you  ‘shoulding all over yourself’ and giving off a resistance vibe, you are resisting change by focusing on 'what is'.  

Lesson:  If you want something to change, accept what is.   

If you’re unhappy with anything in your life right now, consider taking some inventory of what you think should be different. 

Then ask yourself, when I experience something different, how do I hope to feel? 

Then, ask yourself, how can I feel this way right now?  

Can you imagine that it's possible to feel what you desire right now?  Not in the future but right now,  without anything changing?   

Learning to accept ‘what is’ and learning to enjoy ‘what is’ requires all of us to buff our spiritual maturity muscles.   To accept that sometimes the circumstance and situation isn’t always what we want, but it’s usually what we need.

The beautiful and miraculous thing that happens as a result of accepting ‘what is’ , is your future aspirations begin to take shape – and begin to mold into reality. 


Because you’ve stopped resisting.  You’ve made a decision to say ‘yes’ to the now and as a result of doing that you can actually see how your current circumstance(s) could be shaping your tomorrow. 

The gifts that are in the ‘now’ are actually presents in the present! 

Here are 3 exercises/tips to help make this concept practical:  

  1. Imagine for a moment that ‘what is’ right now is exactly what you need in order to shape the future that you desire.  Then, by accepting or simply considering accepting 'what is', notice what the gifts are in the present.   Notice how your life is today even if you feel overwhelmed, underwhelmed, etc.   What could be the gift in feeling this way?

  2. Take some inventory of what it is that you desire for the future – what you’re aspiring to feel, do, be.  Then, look for how you can have those feelings, things now – today – in ‘what is’. 

  3. Now consider that those future aspirations could be being shaped right now in your current circumstances – and if you accept them, and actually fill your heart with gratitude for them – that you could have what you desire in the future much quicker….

Some interesting contemplations to consider.  Have fun with them...


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