Accepting and Allowing MORE Into Your Life

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Whatever we are waiting for - peace of mind, contentment, grace, the inner awareness of simple abundance - it will surely come to us, but only when we are ready to receive it with an open and grateful heart. ~ Sarah Ban Breathnach

Abundance is a popular topic within the self-help/self-improvement field.  You may have started your journey with learning about the "Law of Attraction" and how others were utilizing the powers of the Universe to have more in their lives.

Abundance is different.  Abundance isn't about acquiring more stuff - although more stuff can be a part of it.  Abundance is about the relationship with Self - and knowing that you're worthy.  Period.

Abundance is about knowing that you're already enough without having to do anything to prove it.  Being able to simply accept and claim your worth without having to pay a due, or make a huge sacrifice in order to do so.

As I wrote about in the  - Self Worth vs. Self Esteem article, your self-worth isn't the same thing as your self-esteem.   Abundance is about self-worth.

You know that you can acquire more stuff and achieve things, and in order to do so you may have had to make a huge sacrifice or dislike what you did in order to have and experience MORE. 

Knowing that you're worthy of abundance without the sacrifice, struggle, the pain, and the drudgery - well, that's the life lesson we're all here to learn.

Abundance is not only about having more than enough.  It's about feeling worthy of taking up energetic space on this planet.   You making a significant contribution and having an energetic foothold where the world would never have been the same had you not been here.

For most, this is the hardest part to embrace. 

Sure, the self-esteem stuff can be worked through - show yourself you can do it and you feel better. But, simply accept you're worthy of having MORE than enough without having to do a thing to prove it?  Again, this may be yours and all of our collective life lesson. 

If you find yourself blocked around accepting your abundance and find yourself always 'just getting by' or having 'just enough' consider that you may not be comfortable with having more than enough.  You may have been taught that it's only okay to have your immediate needs met and that you don't need any more than you already have.

To help you learn more about your own worthiness check-out the contemplative exercises below that help you distill the Truth and help open you up to what's yearning to get birthed through you in the next phase of your life.

When it comes to accepting your abundance and knowing that you're worthy of not only having more than enough but you're worthy of taking-up energetic space on this planet to make a significant contribution, here are some key things to know:            

1.  Your Relationship with God Isn't Your Relationship With Your Parents:   consider that your sense of worthiness comes at a very young age and your self-concept gets shaped around your "Source" at that time - a.k.a:  your parents and/or caretakers.  These are the people who had control over what you could have and what you couldn't.  As little kids we make decisions about what we're worthy (and not worthy) of in life, work, and relationships based on these early experiences and programming.  Yet, what we are all here to realize is our relationship with our parents isn't the same as our relationship with God - our True Source - and forging this relationship is our life's mission.    

2. Being Grateful for What You're Blessed With Now
oftentimes, we subconsciously believe that if I'm grateful for what I have now, then the things I really want/desire won't come into fruition.  It's almost as if your mind tells you if you're content, that's all you get!   The Truth is gratitude is the KEY to experiencing more abundance in ALL areas of your life.  Look for the good and better will be bestowed upon you.  Also, consider that if you aren't grateful for what you have now, why would you be given more?                

3. Be A Blessing & You'll Always Be Blessed;  speaking of taking up energetic space and making a tremendous contribution - know that when you are a blessing you will always be blessed.  I always coach and consult people around this concept - GIVE and then GIVE some more.  You will always be blessed back not only in terms of the law of cause & effect, but just in how good it feels to GIVE to others without expecting anything in return.  That's a true blessing.   

Give thought to the above areas and watch for your inner critic voice or your head-voice that will most likely want to resist any new information.  Give yourself permission to explore your own worthiness and that need not do anything to claim your worth!  




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