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"You get courage by taking actions that are inconsistent with the reality that you're living in right now. By taking actions that are unrecognizable to you, you will ensure that you live a full life, using up all of yourself and all of your potential. Otherwise psychological laziness lands us in the cowardly, resigned vibration that can only bring us more of the same."~Debbie Ford

One of the hardest things to learn in life is how to embrace and accept yourself as you are without feeling as if you need to change in order to be accepted by others.

The reason why embracing, accepting and being yourself can feel so hard and challenging is because we all have the basic human need to feel loved and belong. 

Think about the inner conflict that gets created when, up until this point in your life, you’ve been taught by society, family, etc. – that you need to fit-in and belong.  Most likely you took that to mean you need to change who you are in order to be accepted and loved by others. 

Yet, when you reach a certain point in your life, and are ready for a change – your soul will pull out all the stops to get your attention and encourage you to start living by your own Light - which means you have the courage and confidence to discover, own and reveal your True Self. 

Discovering, owning and revealing your True Self can feel scary however especially if you know deep within that your True Self isn’t some meek, mild, conservative, people pleaser.  But rather, a fiery, smart, opinionated, creative, colorful, giving, and incredibly loving soul whose main priority is to serve Spirit. 

This is where the challenge comes in because there is a big misconception about what it means to serve Spirit. 

Again, we’re taught that to be spiritual means you are “good”, perfect and pure.  And of course those qualities are part of who your really are anyways – but if that’s your main M/O, then you’ll continue to feel caged in and as if you’re living a half-lived, mundane life vs. a full, creatively expressed life. 

The Truth is:  when you feel called to do creative work in the world, you will be called to release yourself from the chains of people pleasing and needing to belong.  You will realize that in order to do your best work that your only job is to become more of who you really are…and to not care what others think because you know you’re serving Spirit by being your True Self. 

Check-out the below steps where you can do some internal exploration to dig-out some deep Truths that may being laying dormant within you and are aching to be revealed and brought to Light! 

1.  Pay Attention To Your Day-Dreams:  In your quietest moments when you have some silence and peace and privacy, what are the daydreams that keep coming back to you about how you really yearn to live your life?  This question includes all aspects - work, relationships, financial, fun/recreation etc. – write down what these daydreams are. 

2.  Get To Know Your Inner Critic:  Pay attention to what part of you stops you from believing that these daydreams aren’t possible in “real-life”?  What part of you tries to convince you that it could never happen, you’re not cut-out for that, it's too late, etc.?  Write down what this internal voice is telling you about what’s possible for you – and who this voice believes that you are.

3.  Distinguish Your Inner Guidance:   Now it’s vital to document and distinguish the voice of your soul vs. your inner critic voice.  The voice of your soul speaks to when you’re silent and doing things that seem mundane but what get you out of your head (taking a shower, driving, etc.).  Your inner critic voice speaks to you when you’re afraid of making a change or taking a leap and/or risk - when you are 100% in your head.  

Now that you’ve made the distinction between the voice of your soul  - which leads you to loftier experiences which do require you to take some risks – and your inner critic voice – which wants you to stay just where you are, keep you preserved, and focused on pleasing others and being accepted by them - you now have a choice on which voice’s advice you’ll follow. 

Your choices are: 

1) Follow the voice of your soul who encourages you to live life full-out, explore all the possibilities and to take chances that do pay-off. 


2) Listen to the voice of fear that is there to protect you but to also keep you caged-into your past way of being and sense of self. 

Our life is all about choices –and there aren’t any mistakes.  Eventually your soul will win-out and guide you to your highest good.  It’s just now up to you to determine if you’d like that to happen now or later? 

As always, it’s your choice. 


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