Keeping Commitments To Yourself

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“The biggest commitment you must keep is the commitment you keep to yourself.” ~Neale Donald Walsch

Do you fear being judged if you share your dreams with anyone, even yourself?  Do you have resistance to writing your dreams down?   If so, you may fear two things when it comes to sharing your deep heart's desire:   

1) Hearing your own critical voice judging you. 

2) Hearing judgement from other people (especially people closest to you) and losing their love if you step into a new, authentic version of yourself.

I read recently that one of the top 6 fears that people have about succeeding and changing is the fear of losing love. 

Therefore you may stay stuck for fear of making others feel uncomfortable around you.   You may not even be aware of it.  And...when you aren’t aware of something, you can’t change it. - especially if you're MORE committed to something else.

For example, say you have a Big Vision.   You know what you want, you know why you want it, you have the images glued to your vision board.  You can see it, feel it and almost taste it, yet it continues to elude you.

What gives?

An underlying commitment.

You’re always committed to something.   Yet what you may not realize is - you're MORE committed to something very different than what you say you want.  

Say you want to step-out and claim your vision yet you aren’t taking the necessary action to manifest that vision and it continues to elude you.  This is an indication of you hovering over an underlying commitment.

Maybe you’re more committed to staying comfortable, not being seen, and making other people feel more comfortable around you – so you won’t be criticized and you can keep love. 

Deep, critical and important stuff. 

Once you can dig up the beliefs, bring them into the light - things transform, you transform, and that vision begins to come closer and closer.

To delve into this a bit deeper, check-out the contemplative questions below:  

  • What one thing have you had on your list year after year but it continues to elude you?
  • What do you talk about doing all the time but find yourself making excuses for not doing it?
  • Do you hear yourself saying: “I don’t what it is, I just can’t do it! Or I won’t do it? I don’t know what it is.”?
  • If I say I want this, yet I’m not taking the appropriate action, what am I MORE committed to? What is coming first and winning out in this situation?

Once you reveal your underlying commitment (the commitment that’s coming first and winning out),  write down 3 things within the next week that you’re going to do to shift yourself into action to move towards what you say you want.

This exercise and commitment will help you prove yourself right about what you say you want !  As always, it is your choice. 


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