Having An Abundance Mindset

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“When you focus on being a blessing, God makes sure that you are always blessed in abundance.”  ~~ Joel Osteen

Have you ever considered that you may feel uncomfortable receiving and having more than you need?  Therefore, you only ask for what you need vs. what you truly want?  

Joel Osteen describes this well:  "If we ask with a cup we will receive a cup’s worth.  If we ask with a barrel we’ll receive a barrel’s worth."

So the question is:  What limits are you putting on how much you ask for and how much you are willing to receive?  

This question isn't limited to material things either.  It's more focused around how you want to feel when you consider allowing yourself to receive and feel good about it vs. guilty.  

If you find yourself, feeling guilty for wanting more than you need, then there is a worth block worthy of looking at ;).

Your mindset and belief system may be steeped in believing:  you never need more than enough. 

Think about it, how comfortable would you be if you had much more than what you needed?  Initially you may think to yourself, That would be great to live in a state of abundance!

Yet, I challenge you to give this more thought and contemplation and imagine having much MORE in a surplus and being comfortable with it vs. feeling like you need to give it away or consistently justify having it.

Without realizing it, your belief system and habits is focused on having just enough to meet the needs of the household not anything less or more just enough.

But who makes up the rules on what you feel worthy of receiving, having and feeling?  

If you yearn to live in a state of feeling abundant, here are some exercises to help you access if you’re settling for just enough when what you truly want is to feel and BE in an abundance mindset. 

Step 1:  Becoming Comfortable With Feeling Uncomfortable:  Consider that you may be incredibly uncomfortable with having MORE than enough.  This week, I challenge you to play witness to some areas in your life where you truly want to experience MORE but you find yourself more comfortable with just enough.  For example, this week, take out MORE money than you need from the bank.  If you don’t tend to carry cash with you, go ahead and get MORE than you need.  Then, simply allow the money to stay in your wallet.  

Step 2:  Witness How You Feel With Having More Than Enough:  As the week unfolds, bear witness to how you feel with having the surplus of money (remember you took out more than you needed) feels being in your wallet?  Are you happy and content with keeping it in there?  Or, do you have an urge to spend it - not because you need/want something - just because it feels uncomfortable having it in there? 

Step 3:  Allow Yourself To Have More:  After you do your exercise with your wallet, try another area of your life.  Go to the store and buy more than enough of what you need and notice how comfortable you feel with the purchase.  Access if you feel good and secure or if you feel like you’re being frivolous and the money could be well spent in another area.  What we’re trying to get you to notice is how comfortable and/or uncomfortable you feel with having MORE than enough.

Most of us feel okay with skimming things and living a bit on the edge because that’s familiar but I challenge you to go through these exercises and take notice of where you may be limiting yourself.  

Remember, as Joel Osteen says:  "We were not created to just get by with average."   You have a choice here.  Choose wisely and authentically!  


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