3 Steps To UpLevel Your Life

“Those who do not move do not notice their chains.” ~Rosa Luxemburg

I can only imagine if you’re anything like me, that you consistently feel a need to evolve and grow, to expand and ensure that you’re realizing your full potential.

I would also guess that you’re someone who at each level you aspire to, you run into new hold-backs, new limiting belief systems that you didn’t realize were there. Beliefs that run deep. Beliefs that wreak havoc on your best laid plans to go forward into your future without limits!

You’re most likely learning that, as you go forward and continue to allow yourself permission to follow your heart, that you’re realizing that your inner critic (that voice inside who tells you can't, you won't, you're not good enough), will most likely get louder and you’ll feel more resistance than ever.

Remember this:  With every new level, there is a new devil to deal with.

I don’t say this to put fear into you – you probably feel enough of that!  I tell you this to let you know that you’re not alone and that those self-perceived limits and feelings of constraint and resistance are there to teach you deeper lessons – and to steep you in your faith with each heart desire that you pursue.

Keep in mind that you won't always feel resistance or hear your loud inner critic when you pursue desires - but you will absolutely experience it when you're pursuing heart's desires that you’re most likely too embarrassed or shy to admit to anyone – because they feel that lofty.  These are the dreams that get you all upset and seeking shelter from the loud inner critic that tries its best to convince you that it just won’t happen, it’s not in the cards for you – so you mine-as-well just give up.

If you're experience ambivalence where you have a desire but feel constrained and held-back by an inner force that you can’t put your finger on, check-out the below 3 tips  that will help you push through and go to that new level you so desire:  

1.  Push Past Self-Perceived Limits:   Following your heart is the fastest way to conjure up fraud feelings. Not only will you be required to push through these false beliefs, but you’ll also be required to embrace that who you’ve known yourself to be in the past, isn’t all of who you are. We each have a self-image, a perception of who we think we are based on past experiences. Now is your time to go past those limiting perceptions and follow what your heart is urging you to do – expand, grow, evolve – and continue to become your Truest Self.

2.  Accept That Your Heart Is In The Right Place: Your deepest heart’s desires are the scariest to admit. Why? Because they reveal vulnerable parts of you that you fear will be exposed and ridiculed. These fears of rejection come up especially around areas that will expose your deepest artistic expressions – and these desires will make you doubt yourself and your heart like no other. Trust that what you know is calling to you is right for you – that you’re not imagining it or believing in a “pipe-dream”. Know that what your intuition knows is true – is true! You just need to trust and embrace these parts of you and have the courage to change and expand into a more fully expression version of YOU.

3.  You Have The Support Of The Universe: You’re most likely the most self-reliant, independent person you know – am I right?   Relying on, and trusting others - especially the unknown, mysterious Universe – can feel downright scary.   Sure, we can all have “faith” and “trust” in a Higher Power – but when it comes to areas of life that are real important, ask yourself:   Hw much do you really trust them to come true?  Most of us have a threshold for what we feel we deserve to experience – and usually that threshold doesn’t include areas that would make us ecstatically happy and joyful. Trust that The Universe put those desires in your heart and they’ll not only manifest, but they’ll manifest in the Divine’s timing, not yours. I heard someone say recently, God is never late, but He/She is usually not early either. Give yourself a break, hand it over to the Universe and believe that with unwavering intentions and inspired action, miracles will, and do happen.

It’s very true what Rosa Luxemburg said in the quote I provided above – if you aren’t moving and exploring, you’re not going to notice where your “chains” are that are unconsciously holding you back. Have the courage to move and shake off those chains and pursue what your heart is longing for you do. Trust that it’s right, all right, and alright.


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