3 Steps to Having Real Confidence

I've had clients ask me: what does that truly mean to give your power away?

What is your power anyway?

Great question!

Your power is your sense of self. It's your definition of who you think you are - who you know yourself to be.   What you believe you're capable of and what you believe you're worthy of. Your power is your self-worth.

We've been taught to hand our sense of self over to the outside world. To believe that others opinions define us. Or, that material possessions or worldly success can give a sense of self - some validation that we've "made it", that we're whole, and that somehow, the outer world can fulfill us.

Relying on the outside world for any sense of self-worth is not only fleeting and totally temporary, but it's also extremely risky and absolutely draining.

Giving your power away to anyone or anything is dangerous but it's a hard habit to break based on all the programming we received early-on.

Imagine that you had someone there all the time when you were younger who reminded you internally how valid, worthy, and amazing you are. Do you think you'd be vulnerable to what the outer world thinks? Or do you believe that the outer world would simply just agree with what that inner voice was telling you?

If you're craving change and more confidence, the first step is to know that you have power that you must cultivate within first. Then, work to protect your internal energy and power source.

Here are 3 Steps to help you get started in having Real Confidence:  

Cultivate Worth From Within: the goal here is to realize that you have internal power and it starts with how you feel about you. If you've had the habit of looking outside of yourself to feel worthy, begin a new habit of asking your Higher Self to tell you the Truth about your potential and your innate worth. Pray for insight and internal validation and then watch the wisdom that comes through.

Protect Your Energy: when you're working to cultivate your inner wisdom and resources, it's critical to protect your energy and power source. Be aware of people and circumstances that drain your energy and set limits with how much time you'll spend in these situations. The only way you'll get to know what exists within you is to be alone with you. Get good at boundaries and setting limits with who and what is taking up your time and space.

Expand Your View: after you've had some time to steep in your internal wisdom and had some alone time, it's now time to expand your view and ask to see MORE of what you're made of. If you're craving more confidence, you're now required to try new things and expand yourself into situations that may feel very uncomfortable. Your goal is to stretch yourself and take some risks and in no time you'll begin to see parts of you expand and grow that you thought only other people possessed.

Give these 3 steps a try over the next 30 days and you'll see a miraculous transformation in all areas of your life. Commit to the process and you'll feel more Real confidence in no time!



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