3 Steps To Clear Clutter & Create Space In Your Life

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The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers. But above all, the world needs dreamers who do. ~Sarah Ban Breathnach

Imagine for a moment being able to experience more flow and fluidity in your days with whatever you're doing - where you feel both productive and peaceful at the same time. 

Does that sound blissful to you?  Where you are accomplishing but aren't feeling pressure - merely producing from inspiration.

Interesting concept for sure – but one that may feel foreign. 

Most of us were taught that to get results and achieve success - hard work (most often overwork) - was the value to prioritize. 

Yet, for a creative soul that wants both peace and productivity in your life - working hard and overexerting yourself to the point of exhaustion - isn't a value I would imagine you prioritizing.   

The first key to learning how to live life in line with what you truly value is learning how to make yourself a priority.  

Then, and only then, can you know what you truly value because you've cleared space to allow a vision to come to you vs. you having to go find one. 

To help you on your way to creating more space by clearing clutter  (physical, mental, emotional, etc) below are three (3) steps to get your started:  

Step 1:  Distinguish Should’s vs. True Values:  when evaluating what matters most to you, most likely you’ll bump up some serious *shoulds* in terms of what *should* matter to you based on what you were told by others. Your goal:  –get honest about what matters most to YOU – even if it feels “selfish” for you to want it.  Most likely, what matters most is for you to have more time to create, to discover more about who you really are, and what you’re made of – all while being able to pursue your passions and to follow your intuition that will lead you to more meaningful work and a higher quality life.

Step 2:  Prioritize & Organize:  after evaluating what matters most to you – and getting really honest with yourSELF, you want to prioritize and organize your thoughts.  For example, take the top 3 areas of your life that need attention and focus in the next 90 days.  To give you a hint – categories titles could be:  home & surroundings, work/career, financial health, spiritual development, fun/leisure, family/friends, physical well-being, emotional well-being, etc.   Then, distinguish what are your top 3 right now.  All the areas may be priority to you – but what 3 feel like they need the most attention.  

Step 3:  Purge Your Priorities:  now that you know your top 3 areas of focus (in the next 90 days), your inclination may be to get cracking on a “to-do” list and adding more things onto your plate.  Yet, I’m encouraging to start purging.  Your goal:  In order to create space and become open and receptive to receiving more clarity in these areas, you need to create space for the Divine to bring you more vs. you feeling like you need to do more.  If your priority is work/career, what files can you purge, throw-out and create more space?  If one of your priorities is fun/leisure, what 5 things can you purge off your calendar in the next month that will create space for fun and leisure to come in?

After gaining a bit of clarity, you may have the natural inclination to go right to the “to-do” list and try to figure-out what needs to be done next. 
Yet, I’m encouraging you to focus on allowing vs. doing – to let go and clear the clutter so you can begin to see first-hand how supported you already are  - and how the Divine/Universe is waiting outside your door to bring you what you need – and deserve!  

Have fun with your clearing the clutter and purging.  I promise you – more of what you truly desire will come in when you allow it – and feel worthy enough to receive it! 


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