Why We Self Sabotage

“Self sabotage is when we say we want something and we go about making sure it doesn’t happen” ~Alyce P. Cornyn-Selby

You know what it is that you deeply want. You have it on a vision board or maybe you’ve written it down.

Regardless of the way in which you’ve formulated your vision, you have a good idea of what you yearn to manifest in your life.

Then why, do you sometimes take two steps forward and one (maybe two, three or twenty!) steps back just when you’re beginning to feel great, make progress and see results? 

Self sabotage could be at play.

When you find yourself taking steps forward towards your vision and then suddenly, or gradually, find yourself stopping, or backing off considerably - give thought and consideration to there may be a fear of you having what you truly want.

Huh? How can this be? You know what you want, you’ve written it down, you’ve prayed about it, you’ve told your friends and family about it…how could you ever not want what you say you want?

How this can manifest is through a much deeper commitment - the commitment to not losing love and connection with those we care about. In other words, the fear of losing love could be an unconscious driving force.

If you value connection, intimacy and love — AND you have a belief that if you evolve into a bigger, more powerful, more worth-filled version of yourself, that you’ll lose that love - then no doubt, the fear will win out and you’ll take some serious steps back. 

These types of holdbacks can be confusing to be sure, but totally solvable if you commit to weeding through the falseness and replacing it with Truth.

To help you do some digging on your own, check-out the Worth Work below where we delve into you claiming your worth without having to sacrifice anything, especially love and connection with the people who are meant to be in your life.

 To help you embrace your personal power and continue to become your True Self, the first step is to have look at your own relationship to Power and being PowerFULL in the world. Here are some questions to help you uncover your view:

  • • When you think of the words Power and Powerful, what images come to your mind? Are there certain individuals that you think of when you read/hear these words? What attributes do they have? Do you consider these attributes positive, negative, or both?
  • • Now, consider the area in your life in which you yearn to experience some transformation and positive changes, how Powerful do you feel to see these changes manifest? Do you feel the Power exists within you or outside of you to see these changes through?
  • • Imagine becoming the person you envision being in your life, your work and relationships, who is the first person you think of who will be intimidated by this image? Is this person holding you back in someway without you even knowing it? Does their fear have more to do with them or with you?

The KEY realization and insight you want to gain with answering these questions is - How comfortable are YOU are with your own Personal Power? 

Because, the world is our mirror - and the people in our life reflect back to us what we believe. And, if you’re fearful of your own Power, other people - even those closest to you - will be too.

The last question to contemplate is: Do you believe that you’ll lose something or someone by manifesting your vision - or do you believe you have full support from others and life itself?

Some good questions to ponder this week. Continue to dream, visualize and believe - and remember, as always, when you Claim Your Worth!®, you give other people in your life the same permission.

As always, it's your choice.  


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