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We have a hunch if you found us, you are most likely someone who has set their life up in a very structured, almost rigid way – and you’re at a point where you feel like you’re trapped in the way things are.  

You are most likely someone who is known (and valued greatly) for being responsible and reliable - and getting results for others.  You do what is expected of you.  You play by life’s rules and you have been rewarded for it.  

You are successful by society’s standards – and anyone looking at your life and what you’ve achieved would say you’ve “made it”. 

Yet, there is a part of you that is nagging at you and won’t leave you alone.  It’s a part of you that secretly dreams of escaping the life you’ve set up for yourself – or at least parts of it.  

Deep down you know that you aren’t living your life to it’s fullest expression – and you aren’t doing what you really want to do – or being who you know you were born to BE..   

Yet, the image of what you really want to do – and who you want to BE - may continue to elude you.  

Maybe what you want seems very blurry – or just totally out of reach.

Either way, deep down you believe that even if you could dream it – you can’t see yourself – and the person you’ve known yourself to be – doing all of it – it feels impossible.


This is what Claim Your Worth!® and all of our content and teachings have been designed for – YOU – the creative dreamer – the artist who stays in the shadows – and continues to hide your gifts away from the world.  

You aren’t sure why you do continue to play small – but it’s a pattern that has stuck around your whole life – and you’re finally ready to change it! 

Our mission at Claim Your Worth!® is to help you unearth the dreams and desires that have been tucked away in your heart for far too long.  

And…most importantly, help you begin to SEE and BELIEVE that you are the person designed to live your best life – and do your best work.  

What makes Claim Your Worth!® different than other programs and coaches is – we are focused exclusively on helping you unearth the greatest expression of yourself by helping you see the identities and limits you’ve unconsciously set on yourself and how these limits keep you trapped.  

Sure, there are programs and teachings that are phenomenal at helping you set goals and achieve them - but our focus is on helping you discover your innate worth (your true core identity) and to claim it!

Every piece of content within this community is geared at helping you transform how you see yourself so that you begin to believe deep down – from the inside/out – that you deserve and can have what you desire – and that you can do what you were created to do –with ease and less effort (yes it is true!) 

To help you get started, on your own Claim Your Worth!® journey, Start Here by downloading – “How To Stop Selling Yourself Short: 3 False Beliefs That Force You To Settle”.


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